Why has the French kitchen lost its reputation

Round Table France "France needs new ideas"

Cuisine française, the national cuisine of France is the most influential in Europe. There is no such thing as “the” French cuisine in its purest form, the regions differ significantly in some cases. But still: France is considered a country of wines and cheese - Béchamel and Béarnaise sound good everywhere, and a baguette has become an integral part of German cuisine. And: The “French gastronomic meal” was recognized by Unesco in 2010 as an intangible cultural heritage.

Nonetheless, the influence of the has appeared to be waning recently, and trends are often being set elsewhere. Has French cuisine and products lost their influence and importance? Reason for a round of talks by the food practice at Business France, the marketing organization of the French embassy in Düsseldorf.

LP: The saying “Live like God in France” also expresses the importance of French cuisine in Germany. Or is that more of the past?
Carpenter's: Consumers in Germany are looking for more quality again. This is why the retail industry is trying very hard to push high-quality food. An opportunity for high quality French products.

De la Fouchardière: France and its products are generally more positive values. But: Having just one French product is no longer enough to successfully market it. Consumers today want to know more: How are animals kept, which ingredients are contained, where exactly do products come from? I am not sure whether a “life like God in France” still plays a major role today.

Caterer: In the minds of Germans, French food still stands for high-quality food.

Bakhaus: The statement is often still present in the mind, little is made of it. The French way of life and high quality products must come back to the fore.

Nottebohm: Of course, enjoyment is important, especially for the full-range supplier. But enjoyment is also considered expensive. And the Germans are very price-conscious. France is usually also associated with "expensive". Certainly a difficulty, but well staged on the surface, it still sells.

Streifer: The image of the French products is there. The quality of French products is high. In Germany, however, we operate in a price-driven market.

The participants from left to right (picture above)
  • Martin Bakhaus, Sales Manager Germany Darégal
  • Doris Reifenhäuser, Export Consultant Business France
  • Markus Krick, Head of Strategic Planning & Acquisition Importhaus Wilms
  • Reiner Mihr, Editor-in-Chief Food Practice
  • Achim Zimmermanns, Managing Director Germany and Northern Europe Délifrance
  • Wolfgang Nottebohm, Sales Manager Edeka Rhein-Ruhr
  • Wolfgang Dicke, CEO of Dicke Food Makes Fun
  • Christina Koestler, Marketing Manager Délifrance
  • Adeline Noël-Grautmann, Export Consultant Business France
  • Christian Hamm, Head of the Food Business France department
  • Hervé Streifer, Director Ultra Fresh / Fresh Food MCC Germany
  • Aymeric de la Fouchardière, General Manager Germany Savencia (not in the picture)