What kind of violence do you find in school?

Frequently asked questions about violence in schools

Can parents draw attention to incidents of violence at school or on the way to school?
Parents can report incidents of violence that occur at school or on the way to school to the school management, school psychology or the school supervisory board.

Is Any Conflict Bullying?
No. Bullying is when someone is repeatedly exposed to negative actions by one or more people over a long period of time.

Is it bullying when two students beat each other over and over again? Can be, doesn't have to be. Basically, there is a need for clarification in such situations.

As a parent, can I file a reprimand for another child?
No. A school penalty or a so-called educational and regulatory measure is generally only issued by the school.

A teacher hit my daughter and the headmaster doesn't believe me. What can I do?
Get advice e.g. B. in school psychology. The school psychologist can moderate conflict discussions.

Can I get anonymous and free advice in school psychology, e.g. B. if my child is bullied at school?
Yes. There are telephone consultation hours and email contact addresses. School psychological counseling is always free of charge.

Can I contact school psychology about an incident without the school knowing about it?
Yes. School psychology can be addressed individually by pupils, parents and teachers. School psychological counseling is fundamentally subject to confidentiality.

Our son was involved in a brawl. Can the school turn on school psychology without our parents having given our consent?
Yes, as long as the school reports violence or there is an acute crisis situation. In such cases, the school psychologists and the school management advise on how to deal with the situation.

Does the school always have to report an act of violence among children to the police?
No, not automatically. Immediate pedagogical responses to acts of violence by children. Children under the age of 14 are not criminally responsible. A police report is still possible, regardless of age.

Is the youth welfare office automatically informed about incidents of violence at the school?
No, only if there is a suspicion of a child's well-being or if the school believes the initiation of youth welfare measures should be checked.

Who should file a criminal complaint after an incident of violence at school?
Basically the school management to protect the injured.