How popular is Russia in your country

Special relationship Germany and Russia - a friendship in numbers

The Germans have so much in common with Russia, especially the East Germans. More than 6 million East Germans were members of the German-Soviet friendship at the end of the GDR. More out of a sense of duty than out of passion, but with influences to this day:

72 percent of East Germans today advocate rapprochement with Putin's Russia. For West Germans, this number is 54 percent.

Different views on politics

The differences are particularly evident when evaluating current policies. While in the old federal states only a third consider the Russia sanctions to be wrong, a clear majority of the people in the new federal states speak out against the sanctions.

In the east, the Russians were by no means always loved, but they were known. When you know something, you have a lot less fear than when you don't know something when it's in the dark.

Matthias Platzeck

Russia has a good image among the East Germans

The majority of East Germans who were older than 18 years of age in 1990 have a positive view of Russia. However, the special relationship with Russia is already lost in the next generation. Younger East Germans, almost like West Germans, have a less positive image of Russia. And when it comes to questions about private or professional contacts, the numbers in Germany as a whole are not very high today, 11 percent for West Germans and 17 percent for East Germans.

Around 3.5 million people with a migration background from the states of the former SU live in Germany today (source: Microcensus)

Since the upheavals of the 1990s and the withdrawal of Soviet soldiers in 1994, much of the Russian symbolism has also disappeared. Monuments were dismantled, street names disappeared.