What happened to the Pokemon GO craze

Pokémon Go Accidents: It All Happened!

"Pokémon Go" has conquered the world! With us, too, more and more people can be spotted on the streets and in parks with their mobile phones in their hands, who can immediately be identified as "Pokémon players" by their (pleased) look and walk.

The game can already be described as a world sensation, because nothing else is talked about as enthusiastically and often non-stop as Pokémon Go. Even with the "Simpsons" the super hype finds its way and illustrates the addiction factor of the virtual monster hunt.

It is becoming more and more apparent in everyday life that fans hardly concentrate on their surroundings as soon as they are looking for Pokémons. This often means that the fun of the game turns into a mishap. Even if the smartphone game hasn't been around for long, there have already been several Pokémon Go accidents and sensations, some of which are funny and some are terrifying.

Man who accidentally fell into a pond

because he spotted a Pokémon there, Central Park in New York City was also paralyzed. The reason: A rare character named "Aquana" appeared there. In the video you can clearly see who is mainly addicted to the “mega” or “fitness trend” - adults. The mass run-up did not take place without injuries, especially since some players ran into their hunting craze.

According to the Associated Press, a Florida man shot at two players who were looking for Pokémons in their cars in front of his house. He is said to have woken up due to a noise in the middle of the night and saw the car. He got his gun, walked over to the vehicle, and fired several times. Fortunatly nobody was hurt.

Helpful decoy for police

In Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, the police are using the rare monster "Charizard" as a decoy and not only publish a post on their Facebook page, but also their wanted list under the pretext that the rare character is near the station and therefore only invite a certain number of players to take part. "If your name is on the list below, you are one of the lucky ones," the post said. Maybe too manageable after all? The officials were not yet successful ...

Several players under military fire

In both Germany and Indonesia, players - immersed in Pokémon Go - accidentally entered military bases. In the Lüneburg Heath, three users landed on the military training area, despite the warning barrier, where live ammunition was used for training purposes. A 27-year-old French man was arrested in Indonesia and released hours later for accidentally entering the military base near Cirebon, Indonesia.

Finally, in California, a man who failed to look up from his cell phone because of his Pokémon Go craze fell off a cliff and got away with moderate injuries. The Pokémon Go accidents are reported to be increasing every day - so keep your eyes open as you play! These 5 tips may help all passionate gamers!