Is TQWL 3 confirmed

NEW, almost like in a Swedish furniture store: The wood for this kit is now available from CNC box construction professionals:
Entire housing
Baffle only

Very simple, not just for beginners: with a pre-assembled switch and plug-in connections.

Price / performance miracle. Professional studio chassis from European production.

Published in Klang und Ton 01-2021


The fact that Blue Planet boss Nick Baur has made tonal diversity a principle in his loudspeakers can once again be clearly seen in the two Omnes audio constructions in this issue: the two speakers differ considerably in character. Where the “Exclusive 8AL Monitor aktiv” lives up to its name and shows what the source has to offer, the Emotion-Line TQWT has other priorities: it is a first-rate pleasure converter. With “bacon” in the places where it is fun - such as in the upper bass area and a certain restraint where it could easily get “nasty” - for example in the presence registers. That works very well with the bass: Tom Jones ‘“ Did Trouble Me ”, which we often use to judge such things, sounds wonderfully full and sonorous. And that is not a bloated reflex rumble, but a clean kind of low-frequency range, which is very well characterized by a certain sharpness of contours. Even in the mids, a pleasant gait dominates without appearing insubstantial. The necessary dose of presence in order not to appear toothless is just about there - that's okay. At the top there is a certain restraint, which perfectly complements the pleasant and peaceful character of the speaker. The Emotion-Line TQWT manages to stay physically out of the sound and let the music arise out of nowhere. It creates the illusion of a very broad panorama - that's how we want it. Anyone looking for a capable all-rounder who is also able to reproduce the qualities of the material used - this is one of them. Highly recommended - especially since the kit is a real bargain at a special Christmas price.

Holger Barske

Our speaker kits contain:

  • selected loudspeaker chassis
  • high quality crossover components from Mundorf or equivalent suppliers
  • detailed blueprint for housing and crossover
  • high quality screws

Depending on the kit:

  • Bass reflex tube and insulation material
  • Terminals or connection terminals
  • electric wire

You can buy the wood you need from your trusted carpenter or from a well-stocked hardware store.

All kits are sold under the Omnes Audio brand.


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