Electricians get rich easily

Job profile: electrician

TheElectrician income depends on their work experience, the size of their employer and the location where they work. The various specializations also have a certain influence on gross monthly earnings.

During their apprenticeship, prospective electricians receive the following income on average:

  1. Year of training up to 804 euros gross per month
  2. Year of training up to 849 euros gross per month
  3. Year of training up to 912 euros gross per month
  4. Year of training up to 970 euros gross per month

TheStarting salary after training as an electrician ranks between1,600 to 2,000 euros gross in the month.

With increasing professional experience, the earnings continue to rise, so that after a few years a monthly income between around 2,500 and 2,700 euros gross is realistic. The earnings can be further increased through further education and training.

Entry Opportunities: The Prospects for Electricians

The profession of electrician is one of theProfessions with a future. After all, electrical engineering is one of the most important German branches of industry alongside automobile construction, mechanical engineering and the chemical industry.

Application: How do electricians score

In order to take up the profession of electrician, good knowledge and talents are required in the following areas:

  • mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Natural sciences
  • technology
  • Skilful use of modern technical devices
  • Understanding of complex technical relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Dexterity
  • Careful work
  • Careful work
  • Willingness to learn
  • Good oral expression

Career: Development opportunities as an electrician

Electricians have several options on which to goCareer ladder to ascend:

  • A Training to become an instructorin order to be able to impart important specialist knowledge to prospective colleagues in their training.
  • The training forstate-certified technician enables electricians to work closely with developers in production and to implement existing plans together with them. She is also responsible for guiding teams.
  • Those who have the technical college entrance qualification or the Abitur can also think about theUniversity bank to press. With an academic degree, with a little skill, the path to a specialist or management career is paved. Study courses from the technical and natural sciences are eligible.