How can I answer questions anonymously

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215+ million Users are ready to answer your anonymous questions in more than 40 languages ​​in the world! Download ASKfm and ask your first question! 😍😍😍

ASKfm is the leading Q&A social network that helps you learn more about your friends, classmates, and people around you. Follow your friends and discover their secrets as an anonymous person. Just ask them! 😊

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SECRET ANSWERS 🙊 (VIP users only): Do you think your answer is special? You can now block this from strangers. Hide your answer and set a price so that all interested parties have to pay for the ad.
Make your profile more mysterious by locking the biggest secrets.

Our users ask 11,000 questions per minute. You can ask questions anonymously or openly to any friend, classmate, or even a stranger. Are you bored of communicating anonymously? 🙅 Disable anonymous questions and only answer questions from people who are not afraid to openly learn your secrets. It is important to us that our users feel comfortable. 🙌

4 million responses are submitted by users every day. Answer the questions of your friends, acquaintances, classmates openly or anonymously. Share your secrets or provide fascinating answers to keep your friends curious about the details.
Make your profile more vivid by adding any photo, gif file, or even a special video to your responses. Your fans are sure to be delighted!

Uncovering secrets while remaining anonymous is easy! Ask an anonymous question and with a single swipe let your friends know that it's you who wants to know their secrets. Uncover the secrets of your friends, classmates, and other people around you. Anonymous or open - the choice is yours!

4500 photo surveys are published daily by our users. Create photo polls and ask your friends right from your profile! Compare everything and get the opinions of the people around you. Let people vote in your photo poll. Smoky eyes or red lips? Skate or wakeboard? 500,000 votes are cast every day by users to help your friends make the right choice.

Versus is a new tab for photo poll lovers! Now there are even more photo polls! Don't miss out on the fun!

Ask people around you! Did you come to the concert alone? Ask the question through a shoutout and find a like-minded fan near you! Have you moved to another city and don't know where to have a nice bite to eat in your new neighborhood? Ask a question in the form of a shoutout! Add your school to your profile and instantly ask all your classmates questions about Shoutout. Ask really exciting things! 🔥🔥🔥

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