What is religious freedom

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Religious freedom

Each person's own decision

Everyone can believe what they want. Everyone can decide for themselves which religion they have. This is what our Basic Law says. That is the most important idea of ​​religious freedom: Everyone decides for himself about his religion. Neither the state nor other people are allowed to exert pressure or coercion. And even if someone has no religion at all, that is possible.

"Freedom of belief, conscience and freedom of religious and ideological creed are inviolable." - Article 4, paragraph 1 of the Basic Law

Young people can decide for themselves

At the age of 14, young people can decide which religion they want to belong to or whether they want to live without religion. Until then, the parents can make this decision for them.
Freedom of religion does not only include the free choice of religion. It is also important that everyone can practice their religion freely. The state must ensure that people can live their faith. Therefore it also says in paragraph 2 of article 4 in our Basic Law: "The undisturbed practice of religion is guaranteed."

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