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Online Marketing and SEO in Japan

It has never been so easy to win customers in Japan! Benefit from 19 years of experience with SEO and online marketing with local specialists in Japan! Our partner in Japan supports leading international and Japanese companies with online marketing and SEO in Japan. Benefit from many years of experience with SEO and online marketing with local specialists in Japan!We support you in using the peculiarities of the Japanese market to your advantage, understanding the Japanese market, successfully transferring your marketing strategy to Japan and thereby winning customers.

Japan has the fourth largest internet population in the world and is the third largest economic power behind the USA and China. Because Google supplies the Yahoo Japan website with search results, 67% of Japanese search queries go through Google. Thanks to our office in Japan with a lot of experience with search engine optimization and SEO in Japan, we support you in understanding the Japanese market, winning customers and using the sales potential.

The Japanese use search engines even more intensively than Internet users in most other countries. While the Internet is mainly used at work in Brazil, most Japanese surf the Internet using smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

Top-selling terms

In Japan you have to be particularly careful with the choice of terms for which you are found. In Japan there is 4 different fonts and thus completely different spellings for important terms.

Thanks to our partner office, you will not only find out which products and services are in demand in Japan, but also how big their search volume is on Yahoo and Google. In addition, we will show you which search terms you use to attract the really interested visitors and how you can turn them into customers.

Facts and figures about online marketing in Japan

  • 93.3% of Japanese use the Internet; this puts them in 6th place worldwide.
  • In organic search, Google's market share in Japan is over 64%, as Google also provides the results for Yahoo. However, a mere optimization for Google is not enough.
  • For those under 30, Google is often preferred to Yahoo.
  • With an import turnover of 671.92 billion US dollars, Japan ranks fourth behind Germany, but still ahead of England.
  • Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan, but it plays an important role economically. Children receive gifts from relatives and couples or lovers give each other gifts. In this sense, Christmas is like the “festival of love”, which is vaguely reminiscent of Valentine's Day.
  • Japan ranks 9th after Spain in the global business index.
  • 2017 Japan ranked 3rd in internet affiliation.
  • The Japanese e-commerce market is the third largest in the world. Sales grew 16% in 2018.
  • The travel sector in particular has seen a significant increase in recent years.
  • However, Japanese online shoppers are reluctant to shop abroad.
  • 75% of the Japanese are satisfied with their mobile shopping.
  • In 2016, 30% of Japanese people paid online.
  • Popular payment methods in Japan are cash as well as credit and debit card payments. E-wallets and carrier billing are also used.
  • The use of smartphones continues to increase. In 2018, young adults used smartphones for 160 minutes a day; mainly to watch movies and play games.
  • The most popular social media platforms among the Japanese are YouTube (70%), Twitter (45%) and Facebook (34%).
  • Japan is rated A2 (low) for the risk of default by Coface 2017.
  • Search engine market share: Google Japan 72%, Yahoo 22.7%, Bing 4.5%, Baidu 0.8%

Japan in global comparison

The 10 Most Popular Websites in Japan (2018)

1. Google.co.jp6. Twitter.com
2. Google.com7. Facebook.com
3. Youtube.com8. Wikipedia.com
4. Yahoo.co.jp9. Rakuten.co.jp
5. Amazon.co.jp10. Nicovideo.jp

Online Marketing in Japan

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