In general, dwarf hamsters are boring hamsters

Is my hamster bored?

Hello @ Hamster.Stewart
So 15 cm of litter for a Goldi is far too little, you have to offer around 30cm.
Some hamsters only start digging from 30cm.
My buddy always nibbled on the lattice lid and pounded on it until I bought him another enclosure, the LaOla from Rodipet 120x50x60, that has a lid, but no lattice and so it was over.
Gnawing on the bars is a sign of boredom.
Too often I wouldn’t change the enclosure, it’s just stressful.

You always have to consider the golden hamster / Syrian hamster, strict individuals who get along wonderfully on their own.
You don't need to give us food and water for grooming
I suppose we like to transfer our human needs to our hamsters or other animals, but in general hamsters don't really need humans.
Some hamsters become tame quickly, e.g. my buddy was tame for food from the first day, curious ... others take weeks, if not months.
Just let the hamster decide when the right time is.
Take everything nice and slow to get used to * best to rub in the bedding so that you smell familiar * and hold out kernels etc ...
Unfortunately there are also hamsters who will never be tame and only do their own thing.

Show us the enclosure, maybe we can give you some tips.