How can I dance Taeyong like NCT


I've been dancing since 1st grade. I have never decided on anything else. Every teacher was right for me, the main thing was that I could let my emotions run free.
Once again I'm the first here in our practice room, which of course didn't bother me. I plugged my cell phone into the box and started dancing. That feeling just made me happy. Every time again. It doesn't matter if I'm angry, sad and happy. I'm so absorbed that I suddenly notice the door slam, but there is no one here. I give a short shrug and go on.
Taeyong POV
My parents insist that I should do some kind of leisure activity, so I decided to dance. I'm not really happy, but trying it out doesn't hurt. So from there ... in which room is this shit now? I decide to look into all the rooms in this building. 1st floor nothing. On the second floor there is something like chess ag and a ballet ag in the first two rooms. Third room, inside I'm already giving up but somehow I have to find it. I knock twice and since nobody reacts I open the door here too. I listen to music and see a person. I can only see him from behind, but his dance, his beautiful silver hair, the muscles. I don't know why I'm still here, but something tells me I need to get to know him better. I slammed the door, sat next to the wall and ran through my red hair. I get up and look for something like a secretariat or something. The secretariat chick says something like room 28 or something. But my thoughts were only with him. So i go
Now some could come slowly. Somehow nobody came at first. We are only 4 but that was a good thing. I'll show the lisple and have a drink. The door is thrown open and a boy with red hair and beautiful eyes looked at me in shock. He was probably just as scared as I was. "Um i-is d-Ttanz AG here?" He asks with a stutter. I just nodded. I can't judge the silence between us. "You could come slowly now," I mumble to myself. "When does it start normally?" The mysterious boy asks. I look at him because I didn't know he heard it. "Around." "OK." "Ten" I offer him my hand and smile. He sees me asking at first but then reacts. "Taeyong. How long have you been here?" "Since first grade," I say. Our conversation is cut off because our teacher comes in. He already knows why we are looking at him questioningly. "One is sick, the other is on vacation and the rest has something familiar. So let's get started. You have to be the new Taeyong right?" He nods, "So ten comes to you today and shows you the choreography. Now let's practice something else because since there is no one else around, at the next gig you will dance together to the song you are going to write!" We are both shocked at first. And process the whole thing. Apparently he can dance I ask him to be on the safe side. "have you danced before?" "Yes at home very much." That calms me. When our teachers started auditioning, we should do it. Taeyong is really good at dancing. "That's it for today. Ten you show Taeyong the choreography." I nod a little hesitantly but somehow I had an urge to get to know him. I pack my things and wanted to go outside but someone grabbed my wrist in front of the door. I turn around and see a bright red Taeyong. I can't help but smile. "So ... do you have time," he asks quietly. I nod and drag him home. It has already been an hour and Tae - I may call him that - has learned a lot, especially when he took one step he lost his balance and almost fell on me. But he supports himself and our faces are only a few centimeters apart. He puts his forehead against mine. The ends of his beautiful hair fall on me. He has such beautiful eyes and lips ... hold Ten what are you thinking?
Taeyong POV
What am I doing there. My body is out of control. I feel such a strange feeling inside of me. I whisper to him that I want to get to know him better. I wouldn't have expected what he's doing. He presses his lips to mine. What was that? Why don't I find it obnoxious? I close my eyes and press my lips against his. We moved them synchronously. At that moment I swore to myself that I would never be absent from the dance. Wait, I open my eyes and don't feel anything on my lips. That worries me. "I'm ... I'm so sorry!" I felt very much suppressed tears. "Stop crying." Now he just looks at me more sadly. Before he can reply, I put my lips on his. I think I'm in love....
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