What is half a 1 3 cup

American Cup to Milliliter Conversion Table

In English-language cookbooks and in international recipes is often from Cups instead of liter or Milliliters the speech. The only difference is that cups are not nearly the same size and the question quickly arises:

How many milliliters are in a cup? And how many ml is 1/2 or 1/4 cup?

We have put together a table here in which the conversion of US cups into milliliters and grams is listed.

There a American Cup are equal to 236,588 milliliters and a British Cup equals 284.131 milliliters, we rounded the values. This is absolutely fine for the recipes and has no effect on the result.

Most cookbooks also refer to an American cup rather than the British one. The difference between these two dimensions is not very great. Nevertheless, you should be careful here, especially with large quantities, and, if necessary, read it again.

⚖️ Table: Converting cups into milliliters, grams and tablespoon (TBSP, German tablespoon)

(Water, milk, broth)
(American tablespoon)
Sugar or oilFlour
3 cups720 ml48 TBSP675 g360 g
2 cups480 ml32 TBSP450 g240 g
1 cup240 ml16 TBSP225 g120 g
3/4 cup180 ml12 TBSP170 g90 g
2/3 cup160 ml10.5 TBSP150 g80 g
1/2 cup120 ml8 TBSP115 g60 g
1/3 cup80 ml5.5 TBSP75 g40 g
1/4 cup60 ml4 TBSP55 g30 g
1/8 cup30 ml2 TBSP30 g15 g

Conversion between different units of measurement

Any amount of information can be quickly and easily converted into other units of measurement (including the British and American). Please note: A point is used instead of a comma!

Measure 1/4 cup - How many milliliters are ¼ cup?

As can already be seen in the table, 1/4 cup corresponds to 60 ml. In order to measure 60 milliliters correctly, a small measuring cup with a correspondingly small division is recommended. If you don't have a measuring cup at hand, a shot glass will help.

There are almost always markings for 2 and 4 cl (centiliters) - i.e. 20 and 40 ml. With 1½ shot glasses, 60 ml can be measured quickly.

Measure 1/2 cup - How many milliliters are ½ cup?

The table also shows the conversion from ½ cup to ml. A smaller measuring cup with a suitable scale is helpful for correct measurement. If you don't have it at hand, you can also make do with a 250 ml glass - e.g. for lemonade. If you fill this glass halfway, then 125 ml of liquid, which corresponds to around 1/2 cup, are measured quite accurately.