Some people just hate school

School Frustration: Ten Reasons One Might Hate School

A shortage of teachers, lost hours, chaos in the classrooms, arbitrariness, demotivation and injustice - this is how high school graduate Viviane Cismak complains about her school days and the German education system. It is obvious that Germany's schools have many problems. Why is it that students don't feel like learning and tend to fight each other in the school yard, teachers are overwhelmed because the majority of the class sabotages the lessons and students have no motivation to learn? In her book "School Frustration - Ten Things I Hate About School", she tells about her 13 years of everyday school life, addresses weaknesses in the education system and gives answers why so many students fall short of expectations. These are her ten reasons to hate school.

Frustration-Memories from school

Already the title suggests that Viviane writes the frustration off her soul in her manifesto. In anecdotes and stories, she tells about her school days and gives her personal assessment, which is also an accusation: There is a lack of teachers, working materials, money and good will. Underqualified substitute teachers hold the lessons in a makeshift manner - too few teachers try to find creative teaching methods and others allegedly don't care about the lessons. Viviane Cismak wrote down memories from her school days - and these are, for the most part, quite negative.

Teachers are demotivated, so are students

The awarding of grades is not fair, learning is not worthwhile, because in addition to performance, the teacher's sympathy for the student plays a much larger role. The official status is responsible for the laziness and listlessness of the teachers and that in turn is carried over to the students. The young author presents ten theses in ten chapters that can be discussed controversially. The teachers do not get off well, because for Viviane Cismak they are the ones who fail when students have no respect, throwing food at the blackboard during class and throwing chairs out of the window.

Viviane Cismak as the voice of the students

At the end of each chapter, Cismak draws up a brief summary, gives students food for thought and tips on how to survive the annoying school days or how to defend yourself if you feel you have been treated unfairly.

Book tip: "School Frustration - 10 Things I Hate About School" by Viviane Cismak, Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf Verlag, 9.95 euros