What exactly does a film producer do

What do you do as a film producer?

What does a film producer do?

The term “producer” is multifaceted. Here we concentrate on the "executive producer" who has overall responsibility for the creation of a film. This means that he is the decision maker from project development to filming preparations to filming and ultimately to completion.

Typical tasks

  • Formulation of a realistic budget
  • Coordination and supervision of the shooting preparations
  • Clarification of all legal aspects (copyrights, artist rights, usage rights)
  • Coordination of public relations
  • Establishing contact with directors, artistic staff, actors and co-producers

Classic requirements

  • Feel for film material in terms of quality, topicality and audience interest
  • Knowledge of human nature and talent to work with artists
  • Artistic-technical, but also economic understanding
  • Resilience and the ability to act flexibly in stressful situations
  • High level of commitment

How do I become a film producer?

There are many ways to get into the professional world of film producers. A very good general education, but also a feeling for the questions of time, society and culture are essential. Practical experience in the organizational field or even in management is also an advantage. Basic training is also recommended, for example as part of a course at a film (university) school.