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This Greyhound puppy has been adopted

Why give a home to an unwanted greyhound?

If you are thinking of adopting a large dog, why not give a retired greyhound a home? They are gentle and social dogs. They make great pets and quickly become part of the family. Unfortunately, most people wouldn't even consider adopting this type of dog. This is because there is a lot of misconception about this breed as a family pet.

Retired greyhounds

Greyhounds don't need a lot of exercise

Most people wouldn't consider adopting a retired greyhound because they believe these dogs need too much walking and a large area of ​​movement to walk around. Two walks of about twenty minutes a day go well with them. They also love other dogs, so their walk is calm and relaxed too.

Although they are large dogs, they are very quiet and docile and should be treated like domestic dogs. They are not suitable for outdoor living. Emotionally, they need the company of people. They are very intelligent and you and your dog will enjoy training them. They then love to lie down and sleep for most of the day. This makes them ideal pets for the elderly.

An adopted greyhound puppy

A bed for your greyhound

The most important device for this type of dog breed is the bed. You will sleep and relax for hours. A single duvet that is double-wrapped with a cover is ideal. It's much cheaper than a large dog bed and easier to wash and dry.

These dogs have very little body fat and bony joints so they cannot lie on hard surfaces. Physically, they must be able to lie on soft surfaces such as the bed or sofa. When your dog is on its back with its legs in the air, it is most relaxed.


You have very little body fat on your neck, so it's very sensitive. Ordinary thin collars can injure them. So make sure your dog has a wider soft collar.

The benefits of greyhounds as pets

They bark very little and are therefore not a nuisance to the neighbors. They don't drool or shed a lot of hair like many other large breeds. They are easy to bring out for walks because they are nice and calm around people and other dogs when they are outside.

You need very little exercise. Retired greyhounds are very healthy. They don't have many of the inherited diseases that other races have. They typically live longer than most large dogs over twelve years.


You have sensitive skin. So when they cut, they almost always need stitches compared to other dogs. They can be very stubborn if they choose not to go in a certain direction on a walk. They will stop and refuse to move. They are very kind to all people so don't make good watch dogs.

Retired racing dog adoption in Ireland

There are many greyhounds in Ireland that need a home too. If you are thinking of giving someone a home, check out the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust and consider sending them an email. You will be given the details of the closest adoption group in your area.

What happens next?

Go to the center and choose the companion you want to adopt. The Trust will conduct a home visit to assess the suitability of this game for you and your home. You will see what the sleeping arrangements are for the new dog and check that the garden has a secure fence.

They will emphasize that greyhounds are domestic dogs and need to sleep warm and comfortably indoors. You will also see if there are other pets in the household. Most greyhounds get on well with other animals in the house. They explain the dog's nutritional and exercise needs. Once approved, you'll pay an adoption fee of € 130. This means that your dog is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

The story of an adopted greyhound pup

'Hades' is a five month old greyhound puppy adopted by the ISPCA in Ireland. His mother and father had been voluntarily turned over to the dog charity by a race owner when the facility was deemed overcrowded. The mother gave birth to eight puppies three weeks later.

My sister always had dreams of giving a greyhound a home. When she was able to, she was happy to be able to bring this lovely puppy home. He's settled in well and everyone in the house loves him. This photo above shows 'Hades' on his way home with his family from the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Dog Shelter. He is about to start a new life in his adopted home.

Facts about greyhounds

Interesting facts about the greyhound:

  1. This is the only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible.
  2. Most of them leave racing at the age of three to five.
  3. Black greyhounds are the hardest to adopt.
  4. They don't have a "dog odor" because they lack the oils in their coats that cause it in most other dogs.
  5. They should be adopted as domestic dogs and not left outside in a kennel.
  6. They cannot cope with extreme heat and cold.
  7. Can live up to 12 to 14 years old.
  8. Are very friendly to strangers so don't make great watch dogs.
  9. The average retirement age is 3 to 5 years.
  10. Requires little exercise compared to other large breeds.
  11. They love to sleep on a soft dog bed, but also on the couch and beds.

Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland

This is a collection of animal rescue organizations in Ireland that are actively committed to promoting and training retired greyhounds as pets. In these special centers, dogs from dog pounds and those that are exposed to the veterinarians are admitted.

They also work well with racing dog owners and trainers so they turn to the centers when they need to retire their greyhounds to find loving homes.

Greyhound Rescue Resources

Dog Rescue Ireland

This is an Irish voluntary charity. It saves and finds homes for unwanted Irish greyhounds. No healthy dog ​​will be euthanized unless they are rescued by this charity.

These Irish Greyhounds are native to Ireland, Great Britain, and the United States.

Greyhound Pets of America

Thanks to the support of volunteers in many branches, over 80,000 greyhounds have found homes in the United States.

National Greyhound Adoption Program

Another organization in America that finds houses for greyhounds.

Gumtree Grays

This Australian charity is also getting these great dog shelters across the country. There is a list of foster homes that will look after the dogs until a home is found forever.

Famous people with a greyhound as a pet

  • JK Rawlings - author
  • Sir Walter Scott - author
  • John Barrymore - actor
  • George Washington
  • John Tyler - 10th US President
  • Prince Albert and Queen Victoria
  • Henry the Eighth
  • Queen Elizabeth I.
  • King Henry VIII
  • King James II of England
  • Frederick the Great
  • Don Mattingly - NY Yankees
  • Fictional character - Bart Simpson

Greyhound puppy


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  • The American Greyhound Council
  • The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust
  • Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland
  • Dogs trust Ireland
  • The Greyhound Trust in Great Britain
  • Greyhound Pets of America
  • Gumtree Grays of Australia
  • "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies"
  • "Comet's Tale: How a Dog I Saved Saved My Life" by Steven Wolf
  • "A Tale of Two Tails" by Suzanne Gibson


  • Should I allow my greyhound to sleep on my bed and couch?

    Yes, these are her favorite places to sleep. Although this is a large breed, they are low in body fat and need a soft bed to lie on. They should be treated like domestic dogs.

  • Do I need a large yard if I adopt a greyhound?

    No. These dogs are large but must live at home, not in a rear kennel.

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