How are the churches of the Nazarenes

It started in 1908 ...

As the Johannes Congregation in Berlin-Steglitz we belong to the international "Church of the Nazarene" (Church of the Nazarene:, which arose in the United States at a time of spiritual revival and renewal. In 1908 several independent churches officially merged there to form the "Church of the Nazarene".
Today the Church works in more than 160 countries in over 200 languages ​​and dialects.
It is unusual for a church to be organized around the world in spite of its size. Of course, that brings with it some challenges. But the advantages outweigh the rest. Those who are open to other cultures and ways of thinking can learn a lot for their own work. That's what it's all about. We want to learn together to understand and love Jesus Christ better and better.
As an international church, we see ourselves as part of the worldwide congregation of Jesus Christ and therefore enjoy working with Christians from other churches, congregations or works all over the world.
You can find more information about the Church of the Nazarene in a brochure that you can download as a PDF file here: "What distinguishes the Nazarene"

How the name came about

History reports that at one of the founders' meetings, Dr. Phineas F. Bresee, is said to have exclaimed: "Are we not the Church of the despised Nazarene?" By this he meant Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. Out of this spontaneity the first congregation arose under the name "Church of the Nazarene".

The Church of the Nazarene in Germany

The Church of the Nazarene has existed in Germany since 1958. At that time, an American missionary couple began work in Frankfurt am Main.
Today there are around 20 Nazarene congregations in Germany with around 1,100 members (see website).
Like all other Protestant churches, the Church of the Nazarene is convinced that there is good news for this world: “God loved people so much that he gave Jesus Christ, his only Son, for them. Anyone who entrusts his or her life to him will not perish but have eternal life ”(The Bible, Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16).
This good news of God's love has renewing power. Therefore, a free and personal decision for faith in Jesus Christ and a committed life in his discipleship are important to us. We want to love God and our fellow human beings wholeheartedly and take our responsibility in this world seriously through practical help.

In June 2017 a blogger who writes testimonials from church services and congregations in Berlin and the surrounding area visited our church service. Here you can read his impressions: The Church Checker at the Nazarenes in Steglitz.

A free church ... what is it?

In a country where people are used to differentiating between Protestant and Catholic churches, the names of the many free churches sound strange to some people. In Germany, some of the beginnings of the free churches go back to the Reformation, others emerged around the middle of the last century at the time of the revival movement.

Free churches are characterized above all by a certain understanding of the church and parish as well as by their respective piety styles. Free and personal decision for faith in Jesus Christ and a committed life in his discipleship are special concerns. Legally and organisationally, the Free Churches represent the principle of self-financing and self-administration and waive taxation.

Together with many other Christians

Free churches and free church community associations joined together in 1926 to form a working group, the Association of Evangelical Free Churches. This serves the promotion of common tasks, the deepening of interchurch relationships as well as the representation of common interests to the outside world.

The Church of the Nazarene has also been a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Ecumenical Council for some time, because it is important to us as Berlin Nazarene congregations to promote the togetherness of the various Christian churches in Berlin and the surrounding area and to acquaint people with the love of God who came into this world through Jesus Christ.

In September 2018 the Church of the Nazarene was officially accepted as a guest member of the ACK, Working Group of Christian Churches. The Retired Methodist Bishop Rosemarie Wenner from the ACK board gave us a warm welcome as a church.

You can find even more about the commonality of our congregation with other Christians under partnerships