Why are relationships important

Praise and motivation

We women love compliments, but the same applies to HIM. Everyone is happy about a little praise every now and then, so we feel valued. Whether for his household chores or his delicious home-cooked dinner, tell him how great you think it is. You will see. it goes down like butter. But most importantly, only compliment him if you really mean it.

Men need their freedom

This is also very important to the lords of creation! Even when happily forgiven, men still want to maintain a degree of independence. Understandably, they have no desire at all for clammy behavior or strenuous control calls. We humans are all individuals and you need a little time now and then for yourself or with your friends. It's no different for us ladies. At the end of the day, both of them can tell each other about their experiences and appreciate the time together all the more.

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This is important to men in relationships: fun

Life is not always easy and everyday life holds many challenges, big or small. It is therefore all the more important that fun is not neglected. Laughing together, teasing each other or cheering up your partner with a bad joke lifts your spirits. If you and your partner laugh a lot together, it also shows that they are both on the same wavelength and agree on many points. Laughing together at a strange situation also welds you together.

Mutual respect

In a relationship, we should accept the partner for who they are. That goes for both sides. Without mutual respect, it is definitely not a relationship on an equal footing. Above all, this means that both partners listen to each other and sometimes accept that they are not always of the same opinion.

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Love and trust

In addition to all of the points mentioned, one thing is most important: love! Without the notorious spark, nothing works in a relationship, the men agree on that. It is just as important to them to be able to trust their partner. By the way, the longer we are with someone, the more trust in them grows.

You can read about how communication works in marriage in the book "The five languages ​​of love - How communication works in partnership" by Gary Chapman.

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