How does Quora discover its published authors

What is Quora? We explain the question portal to you

Conceptually, Quora moves somewhere between a social network like Facebook and a knowledge forum like The Quora start page or feed is reminiscent of the Facebook timeline and allows the page to be used clearly through unlimited scrolling. The feed is a mixture of active threads, unanswered questions that fit into the categories selected by the users, and suggestions on how the users can complete their profile. If you want to contribute to a thread or answer a question, you can do so without leaving the feed. Quora is therefore characterized by fast and dynamic use.

The Quora concept actually requires a group of users consisting of experts and professionally trained people. And indeed, here and there sizes from certain disciplines get involved and comment on current issues. However, if you start Quora for the first time, you will be confronted with a jumble of trivial, often confused questions. The goal of creating a comprehensive database through user content that can keep up with Wikipedia still seems very utopian, especially in the German version. In order to achieve this, Quora still has far too little reach in Germany and, as a result, too few users.

The potential for this is definitely there: after all, the platform is easy to use and you can already guess what it would be able to do with a large and capable community. And the direct exchange of knowledge can be fun, given the successful feedback mechanisms of the platform. The English version is already a thriving knowledge database that attracts large investors and has prominent supporters - for example, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. For many, the site is also used for entertainment purposes, as you can click your way through interesting threads for hours.

One of the challenges that Quora will have to master in the future is to grow internationally and also to gain followers outside of the country of origin. If you want to become part of the community or are interested in the portal, then you've come to the right place. Because in this article we explain step by step how Quora works.