How impractical are revolvers as a weapon

New revolver ordered

A 3-inch K-frame with fixed sights and the right grip is a very handy and nevertheless extremely easy-to-use weapon. The 9 para tiny like subcompact Glock and the like. may appear a little more manageable. But the disadvantage of these often very misshapen things is not infrequently the short handle, which many find too short. In order to be able to shoot and hit better with it, an attempt is then made to solve the problem with appropriate magazine shoes. In my opinion, these are the most impractical constructions, with the line of sight often lying unnecessarily high above the hand.
In my opinion, a P7 Gen.2 / P7M8 was designed much better - very handy and at the same time a full-fledged pistol with all the advantages of a weapon of normal size (same barrel length, sight line and capacity).
And because it is somehow always overlooked: .357 Magnum can also be equipped with 180grs bullets - this ammunition in particular is not uninteresting for the FS.
Personally, I consider a handy 4 ”size K revolver to be the best compromise in .357 for hunting purposes.
It's a shame that K-frame revolvers were almost never offered in larger calibers. In an edition of the SWM from the mid-80s, a 5-shot .45 ACP based on the Mod. 10 M&P with a 3 “I think it was presented by the Swiss company Kessler: it looked great - something like that would definitely be a first-class revolver for hunting Use.


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