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Naturism in Denmark

Naturism in Denmark - good to know

Nudist beaches:
All over the country with offers for every type of beach (quiet, sheltered and private, party atmosphere).
Nudism on regular beaches:
Allowed in many places.
Naturism in the holiday home:
Access to the sea from many holiday homes.
Naturist campsites:
Some places are textile-free or mixed.
Nudism with the family:
Child-friendly offers all over Denmark.
Nudist activities outside:
Nude hikes inland and on the beach (e.g. on Anholt), nudist sports center "Tymosen Friluftscenter" on Zealand.
Indoor nudist activities:
Nudism in indoor swimming pools (e.g. in Aalborg, Nyborg, Durup), nudist activities on campsites.

Naturist holiday in a holiday home

Nude bathing is accepted in many places in Denmark. In Denmark you have been able to go to the beach without clothing since the 1970s. The best way to indulge in nudism is to visit a nudist beach. At the nudist beaches marked as "fribadestrand" or "nudist beach" you will meet like-minded people and can move freely and relaxed.

From the holiday home by the sea naked to the beach

Denmark is a true paradise for naturists. There are numerous holiday homes that are located directly on the sea. You can even book accommodation on the nudist beaches. With direct access from the house to the water, you don't have to worry about clothing. Every year, holiday homes near the beach are very popular among nudists, nowhere else can you enjoy your holiday so carefree.

Many houses are even equipped with their own sauna, another highlight for the perfect vacation. Although the Danes are a very revealing people, it is customary for them to have a clothed sauna, usually even separated by sex. So take the opportunity and combine nudism with wellness - and everything even with a sea view.

One of the most popular destinations is Jutland, it is close to Germany and has a wide range of nudist activities. There are beautiful stretches of beach on the west coast. There is a wide range of holiday homes right on the beach at Jammer Bay in the north.

Swimming naked among like-minded people

Since nude bathing is in principle allowed on every beach in Denmark, nude beaches or naturist beaches specially designated for nudists are more areas where traditionally mostly textile-free bathing is done. Bathers with clothes can stay here, because the Danish beaches are there for everyone.

Not all beaches are necessarily suitable for nudists. If you want to get a streak-free tan from the sun, enjoy your freedom on the popular nudist beaches. Each region has a wide range of nudist beaches along the coast, so you usually don't have to drive far. In the following you will find a selection of the most beautiful nudist beaches where you can enjoy your vacation carefree.

These beaches are perfect for nude bathing

There are paradisiacal nudist beaches all over Denmark, here are our favorites

Nudism on Denmark's North Sea - dreamy expanse, fresh breeze

  • The special beach on the North Sea island of Rømø, for example, is particularly attractive.
  • Søren Jessens Sand on Fanø is also well suited. The stretch of beach, which is over two kilometers long and has a long tradition of nude bathing, invites you to sunbathe freely and enjoy fantastic nude walks.
  • German visitors particularly enjoy vacationing near Skovmose on Als. The island has a wide range of nudist beaches. There is the right place for every nudist fan: In addition to well-frequented, long sandy beaches, you will also find quiet, secluded natural beaches. It is best to test for yourself which section of the beach you feel most comfortable on.
  • There is a wide range of nudist beaches in West Jutland: At Børsmose Strand, for example, you will meet a colorful crowd. Both nudists and textile bathers enjoy the fresh North Sea air here. Since the beach is less frequented than the most famous nudist beaches, there is always a quiet place to be found here.
  • Houstrup Beach in West Jutland near Blaabjerg is also beautiful and a pure naturist beach. It is idyllically located behind the dunes and is very popular with nudist fans due to its seclusion. Do not be surprised: Here families, couples and singles usually lie down on their own beach sections.

Nudism on Denmark's Baltic Sea - enchanting nature, child-friendly sandy beaches

  • The beaches on the Baltic Sea are particularly suitable for families. The sea there is nice and shallow and calm and ideal for small children.
  • In the southwest of Zealand, Egerup Beach is often recommended among nudists. The nudist beach is located north of the park zone and offers relaxing hours of sunshine for the whole family. As a rule, the beach is not overcrowded and the water scores with cleanliness.
  • Stængehus Strand is located high up in the north of Zealand. The nudist area is particularly popular with sociable bathers: the colorful society there consists of young and old.
  • The island of Falster also has lovely nudist beaches: the flat sandy beach Bøtøskoven is particularly popular with families. The more contemplative Skelby Beach is a quiet, natural beach that invites you to relax in Eve or Adam's costume.

Rules of conduct for the nudist beach

The Scandinavian freedom of movement also applies in Denmark: Here you think less prudish and are at peace with the realities of nature. Naked people are therefore not a nuisance, but are accepted as long as they do not offend anyone. Therefore, rules of conduct apply everywhere, which every naturist should adhere to. Even if everyone drops their covers on the nudist beach, you should respect the privacy of others.

Therefore, keep a sufficient distance from other people. Nobody likes it when strangers come too close without being asked. Staring at the other bathers is also out of place, because everyone should be able to feel undisturbed on the beach. In addition, there is a general ban on photos and films in all nudist areas.

Sexual acts or assaults are strictly prohibited on all beaches, regardless of whether they are textile-free or not. Any violation will be prosecuted by the police and will result in a penalty. It goes without saying that you should stick to it and not be afraid to call for help if someone comes too close to you.

Nude bathing on normal beaches?

In Denmark there is no ban prohibiting beachgoers from sunbathing in Adam's costume. In general, at least bathing or bikini bottoms are desired; Women can be unabashed topless on the beach. If you prefer to do without textiles completely, you should look for a secluded spot on the larger beaches, which are not specially designated as nudist zones, or at least pay attention to discretion when families with children are nearby. A minimum distance of 50 meters to private property is also important, as owners could feel annoyed.

In terms of legislation, nothing speaks against you spontaneously jumping into the cooling waters of the sea on a hot summer day without bathing gear. However, there are a few stretches of beach where clothing is compulsory by ordinance of the local authorities. You can find the relevant regulations on information boards on the beaches concerned. As a rule, however, there are also bathing areas very close to such sections that are intended exclusively for naturists.

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Nude hiking on Anholt

Sunbathing on the beach every day may seem too boring to many holidaymakers in the long run. The island of Anholt in the Kattegat offers a nice alternative. Here a nude hiking trail on the beach leads around the entire island. The route is about 25 kilometers long, but can also be hiked in stages.

A number of naturist organizations offer occasional nude walks in Denmark's beautiful natural areas. Extensive dunes and forests offer sufficient privacy so that you can enjoy nudity, exercise and nature in one go.

Good to know - nudist sport in the Tymosen open air center

If you don't want to miss out on sporting activities in addition to relaxation and recreation, the Tymosen Open Air Center is the best place to be. The naturist open-air center in the interior of Zeeland is about 22 kilometers from Copenhagen. It enables many activities such as mini golf, nature fitness or nay yoga - all of which, of course, in Eve or Adam costume.

Naturism - what to do if the weather doesn't cooperate?

Of course, you can only really enjoy the freedom of movement if the weather allows it. The weather in Denmark is always changeable - while you are tanning your body one day at the beach, you better take an umbrella on hand the other day. This is of course annoying, especially for nudist fans. But don't be miserable if the weather doesn't cooperate - Denmark has many nudist offers for the whole family that go beyond sunbathing on the beach.

In Aalborg and Durup, naturists can take a dip in the indoor pool every Sunday at a specific time. The indoor pools in Frederiksberg, Skanderborg and Nyborg also offer occasional nudist swimming. Find out more about the opening times on the websites of the baths.

Naturist campsites in Denmark

If you spend your vacation on one of the naturist campsites, note the offers on offer. The often family-run businesses offer regular events where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and share the joy of experiencing nature. Here you feel like in a small family in which every member is equal and is accepted as a naturally created subject.

If you don't want to do without complete nudity even after a long day at the beach, you are in good hands at one of Denmark's naturist campsites. The majority of the campsites are organized in the Dansk Naturist Union (DNU), some of them require a valid membership of the International Naturist Federation, or INF for short, in order to stay.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about naturism in Denmark

In general there is no law against nude bathing in Denmark. If nudism is not desired on some sections of the beach, you will find appropriate signposts. Many beaches also have designated nudist areas. Nudist beaches are often designated as 'fribadestrand' or 'nudist beach'.

Various Danish holiday homes are located directly on nudist beaches, so that you do not need to put on any clothing on the way from the holiday home to the waterfront.

You will also find nudist campsites in Denmark with different offers for activities in Eve and Adam costumes. If you would like to book a place there, inquire beforehand whether membership of the International Naturist Federation (INF) is required. Some naturist campsites require this.

Various indoor pools offer nudist swimming times on certain days. These are not the only sports options. On the nudist campsites and in some other sports facilities there are various offers for people who like to exercise without clothing. Just ask at the local tourist information office or ask at the Dansk Naturist Union (DNU), the Danish branch of the International Naturist Federation.

Website of the Dansk Naturist Union

The rules are actually self-explanatory: the top priority is respectful cooperation. Anyone who harasses, sexually harasses, takes pictures or videos in the nudist area can face criminal prosecution. Overall, however, the nudist areas in Denmark are very safe. Conflicts are rare exceptions.