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There is an emergency number 147 for children and young people. But where can parents find support? This is what the advice on wire parent side is there for.

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In the flood of information on the Internet, we are the one reliable point of contact for Parents and caregivers in Austria. On the parents' page you will find well-founded professional support for questions about upbringing and challenges in everyday family life. The offer ranges from informative articles about Online consultation hours up to individual advice via video, audio or chat and email. We are a multi-professional team of psychologists and other experts. If necessary, we can refer you to other suitable positions.

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This page should be yours. Regardless of whether you, as a father, mother, grandma or teacher, have found your way to the parents' page: We want you to find exactly what is helpful to you in your individual situation.


Our offer should be based on the needs of the users. We need you for that! In the development phase of this page, we have repeatedly received helpful feedback from parents and caregivers - it should stay that way.

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Fear: How do I deal with it?

We all know the feeling of fear. It is important for us so that we can protect ourselves in dangerous situations. The Corona crisis is currently causing fear in many of us. How can you deal with this feeling?

May 9th is Mother's Day - what mothers really need

May 9th is Mother's Day. Mothers do more care work and carry the mental load for the family. Mums often get flowers and chocolates, but a rethink in society and a fairer distribution of unpaid work would be much more important. We have some food for thought and tips on what to do on a small scale. Mothers as well as fathers.

Education up to 18: What parents should know

The aim of training up to the age of 18 is to bring young people after compulsory school to further training and has been a legal obligation since July 2017. Young people who do not know exactly what to do professionally, who are at risk of dropping out of school or who only pursue an unskilled job after compulsory schooling, should receive support.

Career choice among young people: How parents can support

There are more than 2,000 professions in Austria, around 200 of which are apprenticeships. There is sure to be the right job for your child too. Read here how you can best support your child in choosing an apprenticeship and career. Remember that career paths are not always linear; detours also lead to the goal.

Help, my child is going through puberty

Did you know that the brain resembles a large construction site during puberty? It is normal for the hormonal and physical changes to affect mood as well. We would like to give you a few tips on how to keep a cool head, even when the stress is high.

Lockdown - how much longer?

We are back in lockdown. At the moment only the eastern federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland are affected, but another lockdown scenario is not unrealistic in all of Austria. We now know the conditions and measures that Corona requires. Even so, many feel extremely exhausted and drained. What can you do to persevere?

2.4. is World Children's Book Day: These are our book tips

Elternseite.at is starting a new series on International Children's Book Day: We want to present books for children and young people at regular intervals. Books and reading together can be a good way to start a conversation. We work with booksellers across Austria to select the books.

Advice from the advice on wire parent side

In the consultation we can deal with you individually. Answer your questions, help you with the big and small challenges that you as parents have to master and relieve pressure and uncertainties.


Parents are confronted with many roles and demands in our society. We want to support you in reconciling the various requirements and find realistic solutions.


Regardless of what your topic is, our psychologists take you and your concerns seriously. Together with you, we will consider what could be helpful in your individual situation and how you can best implement this.

about us

Advice on wire and the advice on wire parents' page are part of SOS Children's Villages. A first version of the page has been around since February 2020, and a revised version went online in autumn 2020. Mainly responsible for the advice on wire parent side is a core team of three people. In addition, the parent side can rely on the expertise and support of colleagues from Advice on line for children and young people and SOS Children's Villages counting.

Our core team consists of three people (from left to right): Daniela Patz (Business Development), Katharina Wurnig (Editorial Director) and Corinna Harles (Psychology). We are responsible for the parent side and its further development.

These are examples of topics we can help with:

  • Are you overwhelmed by everyday family life and would like to use your resources better?

  • Do you often have conflicts with your child and would like to find a better relationship?

  • It is actually going very well in your family, but now there is one topic that you would like to discuss.

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