How can I identify asbestos

Detect and check building materials containing asbestos

Then today research and analysis methods are used with which concealed construction materials containing asbestos can be recognized. In addition to measuring the Asbestos fiber pollution in the room air become to it multiple sampling carried out. The investigation and assessment must always be carried out by a pollutant expert. In order to avoid hazards, users must be informed before the asbestos examination.

So you can reduce the asbestos fiber load in rooms, among other things by a Adhesive or contact sample detect. For this purpose, small amounts of dust are picked up on surfaces with adhesive film strips and stuck onto a plastic film. Materials that are suspected of asbestos can also be direct sample be taken. A fingernail-sized piece, which is packed dust-proof in a plastic bag, is sufficient here. When detecting asbestos by taking a sample, it must be ensured that this homogeneous within the suspected area is distributed.

In order to avoid fiber release, the material is first coated with a Moistened water-washing-up liquid mixture. When taking a sample, a Particle filtering half mask (type FFP2) be worn. Accredited test laboratories then examine the samples with a scanning electron microscope. Above all, you can do it in advance Samples from plaster and floor coverings are prepared in acid using a new preparation method and thus provide more precise results.

If asbestos is detected in a sample during the examination of the suspected areas, the building is classified as contaminated with asbestos. If this classification is to be revised, further investigations must be carried out. It should be noted that the statements made only for the same product or the same type of suspected areas applies. Are z. If, for example, the types of window are different or installed by other craftsmen, it cannot be assumed that the asbestos-contaminated products used are involved always the same product acts.