Uses NASA Photoshop

Heard or is Nasa fotoshop "?

The images from the depths of space (from telescopes such as the Hubble) or close-ups of planets (from probes) are several image sections that are then combined like a panorama. Sometimes there were mistakes, because a section is missing. Nasa often leaves it that way. Then something is missing. E.g .:

The next thing is that the camera (s) take pictures of different color areas, these individual images are then processed accordingly and superimposed to obtain a full color image. Often people try to get a picture that looks like we would see it if we were there.
Then spectrum areas are also photographed that are not visible to the human eye and these raw data are then processed so that we can see what we would otherwise never see. Certain spectra - which we can see - are also highlighted in such a way that they show details that we would otherwise not be able to make out in the monotony (as a simple example, you may know these scary pictures from guessing games, if you put a green filter over them, you suddenly see one Number that has not been seen before). This is pure curiosity and science, and it is not uncommon for it to be visually chic.

Actually, this is explained in many space / nasa / telescope / probe documentaries. It's not breaking news, it's always been like that and has never been a secret. But they don't just use Photoshop. Many images have to be processed in a complex process, which takes a lot of time. If the camera takes many recordings in different spectra / filters and moves (like a probe does) there are also slight shifts that have a disruptive effect when the recordings are combined on top of each other. This is also attempted to compensate for a sharp picture.

Ironically, NASA is accused of manipulating images that have not been corrected so well because there are double shadows, for example.