If Margaret Thatcher had supported Brexit

In a few months, the British people are due to vote on whether the UK will stay in the EU or not. Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for the country to stay, while not even his compromise proposal, negotiated during the week with EU Council President Donald Tusk and very conciliatory for Great Britain, could convince EU skeptics at home. And that although the proposal accommodates Cameron on essential issues and enables him, among other things, to restrict social benefits for employees from other EU countries.

Now of all people Margaret Thatcher, who was always skeptical of the EU during his lifetime, could help Cameron with his plan to keep Great Britain in the European Union. In the conservative Sunday paper The Sunday Times writes Lord Charles Powell, one of the prime minister's key foreign policy advisors in the 1980s, that Thatcher supported Cameron's path and accepted his negotiated agreement with the EU. According to Lord Powell, she would have put her euro skepticism aside in order to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU in exactly the way Cameron did.

Powell noted that Thatcher "raged more powerfully" than Cameron in Brussels, but ultimately negotiated "something similar". "She would never have seriously considered leaving the EU."

Referendum on Britain's EU whereabouts probably in the summer

The British are expected to vote in a referendum on June 23 on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union. Cameron is currently promoting the compromise proposal negotiated with Tusk, on the basis of which all 28 member states are to agree on the special rules for Great Britain at the EU summit in mid-February. In parliament, however, he is faced with some opponents of Europe who - at least officially - think little of Cameron's deal.

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