What is a tertiary sector

Service sector

tertiary sector

Service sector. With a low per capita income, the primary sector predominates in the process of economic development, with a medium to high per capita income the secondary sector and with a very high per capita income the tertiary sector.
also as tertiary sector A designated area of ​​the economy which, in contrast to the areas of agriculture and forestry (primary sector) and manufacturing industry (secondary sector), does not produce material goods, but provides services. The offer of the service sector is very broad and includes e.g. B. Services in trade and transport, banking and insurance, the liberal professions (e.g. doctors, tax consultants, lawyers or architects), public services, real estate and housing, health and social services, information and communication, arts and entertainment, tourism. In modern, highly developed economies, the importance of the service sector is growing steadily.

In the national accounts, the service sector includes the economic areas of trade, hospitality and transport, financing, rental and corporate service providers, as well as public and private service providers.

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