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4.0 out of 5 starsTop quality, very good mount, and yet shortcomings ...

Reviewed in Germany on December 7, 2015

The set is just light and small enough that you can almost always have it with you in your work trousers. The tool not only proves itself in tasks where there is hardly any space, it can also take a lot.

Of course, the handles are quite small, but quite appropriate.

Still there is something to complain about:

1) Bit composition

- Too few Pozidrive bits, and only in yellow
- Largely superfluous Torx bits with the hole in the middle
- just a slotted bit

2) screwdriver handle

Why, in God's name, doesn’t this handle have a mount at the top that could be used to start the gun? Hardly any additional costs, you could save yourself the separate extension. This is really an annoying omission.

Conclusion: conditional purchase recommendation. Probably everyone has to design the bit composition himself - the manufacturer could solve this well from the start with different compositions or a complete customer selection of the bits.

So far, the plastic holder has been extremely popular, everything is functional and has so far been robust and durable.

Conclusion: Buyer's recommendation, but you should expect some follow-up costs for an individual combination of bits.

PS: I think it's absolutely wrong that all product images at Wera are computer-rendered. I don't care what the product should look like, I want to see what it really looks like. Is good product photography really that much more expensive?