What is xenophobia 1

On a day like yesterday, which does not leave a trace even for experienced newsmakers, you have to - as cynical as it sounds - start to work after pausing for a moment.
Concentrated, fast, highly professional. So how do you get that from the daily News expected on all channels.
There are special programs on television, live blogs at tagesschau.de and quick quotes from politicians to experts that have to be reproduced correctly.
In these phases it sometimes happens that the time to discuss is too short.
But attentive readers and viewers notice this.
Yesterday was such a day. The term xenophobia has become independent in the public debate. There were politicians who used this term very quickly and must be quoted accordingly.
We at the daily News have fixed rules for this: “An act is motivated by xenophobia if it was committed against a stranger at the scene of the crime, for example a tourist or a recently immigrant. These can be both German and foreign persons. "
In part it was and is so that xenophobic was and is also used as a supposed synonym for racist. This happens, for example, if the term racist is perceived as too strong. Racist acts should also be named that way.
Hanau's unbelievable act was racist. Point. There is no doubt about that.
On a day like this - especially on a day like yesterday with such a bad deed - our language has to be correct and we have to say clearly what is.