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So I can't quite agree with that with my experience. The exaggerated representation alone ("still waving a handful of certificates"). Yes, I would also look at someone weird

I don't know what kind of company you've worked in up to now. I can tell you from two of the largest IT service companies that certification has a certain value. But you're 100% right: it doesn't matter when it comes to the job. The only thing that counts is the interview, which is not about certificates. (But possibly very much about how you got the certificates ... It would be stupid not to ask. Can definitely be a piece of the puzzle whether and how the person further educates himself or not ...)

Let's take a quick look at this:

- What do you have when it comes to first deciding who is potentially eligible? These are short CVs, so nothing with precise details about projects. You can see that someone should have been in a great project for 5 years, but what his job was in the project is not written there ... (He was allowed to clean the offices there and was always allowed to provide fresh coffee?) That's why The first question is who may come for an interview and who will be screened out in advance ... (BTW: You can sort out in advance? Trying to find several people for a larger project?)

- Regardless of the question of whether you are more likely to get an interview on a new project: The value in a group is given. That's why many corporations carry out these qualifications. And when it comes to restructuring, the certificates are definitely worthwhile. (Don't ask me why. It may be that managers play "qualification quartet" while playing golf: "MCSA Windows Server 2016: 253", "Shit, I only have 197!") ... Of course: there are some Things are necessary for the companies to get and keep such partner status. But these are often not the large quantities. With us, however, certification is carried out on a large scale. Everyone has ITIL, so that coordination in projects with TPL and PL runs better, many have received PRINCE2, things like MCSA do not have to be mentioned first, because of the great importance of clouds in the IT service sector, Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, ... certified ....
==> Companies that do this massively, they also use this for any evaluations ...

- Let's take a large company with a corresponding number of employees. Experts are definitely being sought there. Details about projects, tasks and so on are less common. Therefore there is definitely the possibility to search for certifications in certain databases. But also according to who is using which tools / aids. So this also comes into play here.

But the other point you made is absolutely correct: How do you get these certificates? Nonsensical pressure fillings (memorizing dumps). The mere fact that this transfer of knowledge is being squeezed more and more is violent. (Two PRICE2 certificates, which actually each contain 1 week of training, can be done in one week. MCSA for the Windows Serer with several exams? 4 days are enough ... The company sometimes gets its own classroom training for or does it in-house. The sense is extremely dubious - sure. But doesn't really change anything about the above.)

I've just made my point of view clear, I mean. I just don't intend to use it that way. It's not even about the advantages that I mentioned (Sorry, I've written something about myself several times. May be here with the oldest in the forum with the appropriate professional experience and since I was directly involved in large corporations, I have there too I experienced quite a few things in terms of restructuring and outsourcing and so on, initially as an external / consultant, but later also as a permanent employee. )
And my use of certificates to check whether what I have learned is really in place has some value. Because I've already mentioned it:
It's a shame for a developer not to know base classes! And I've seen that several times in the .Net area. Of course, one cannot know all the external libraries. But that was never the point. It was about basic classes! And a developer should know the Java Framework from the FF. Or as a database developer you should know what exactly a PRIMARY key is and what it means. It's just not enough: I've fiddled around in great projects in this regard for twenty years, and it always ran somehow, but I have no idea what I was doing and why. Or because you mentioned SO and Google: "I copied that from someone on the web".
Of course, it is important that you can use Google and quickly grasp connections. But it's not enough just to find something and then just copy it, then apply it in the hope that it will work. My expectation is an understanding. What exactly are the calls doing? Is it the right way to use this?
(Example logging: Is it the right way to use logging frameworks converted to .Net or is this the wrong way? If you need features that the built-in basic classes don't have: Sure, it might be a great solution. But if you do something with it that you can easily do with board resources, then it's simply stupid to build in another unnecessary dependency.)

But now we've written and discussed a lot, which was not about anything in this thread. I never asked about the value of the certification (large corporation with a strong works council -> If the management wants to value the certificates, it has to train me accordingly, i.e. there is pressure refueling with subsequent certification.), Because the point is relative to me no matter.

I asked about possible learning materials. The hint about enthuware has come. Thanks for the hint. (Was a bit surprised about the price, then I saw other prices in the .Net area with other providers ...) I'll take a look at it and see if it can be used for my purpose. (In earlier preparations I used something like that and sometimes found it to be a good suggestion. My questions were always: Why is the correct answer correct? Why is the wrong answer exactly wrong? used classes exactly well, what would have to be done so that the code might work after all.) So it might make sense to use that as a framework to move along.

Thank you in any case for your views and your input.