Is time warping real

Hello dear people ...

I'm really still getting kirri ...

For a few days now I've been trying to come up with a simple effect, or rather, to tinker with it.
I created a fade effect with the help of an adjustment layer. As is well known, this affects all subsequent levels (i.e. those below).

Several images are located below this level, each with a duration of 13 seconds. 3 seconds of this, the two consecutive pics overlap. These are cross-faded using opacity and mix shortly before one is replaced by the next. So a crossfade. So far so good.

Shortly before and a little after the crossfade I created an effect that blurs the two pics into a watery "something". This effect was created in the aforementioned setting level and consists of a total of 3 effects.

That works quite well now and looks according to my wishes.

In total, however, I have around 200 to 300 pics that should be faded in this way. And doing it by hand is pure madness.

This should also be possible via expressions. I've already experimented with it. With time distortion and "loop_out (" cycle ", 0) etc. it worked to animate a small test sequence. This was kept simple and only referred to a normal" solid "layer. (Fade in and fade out again with opacity)

There must be a way to have this effect repeated as often as I specify (i.e. the number of images)

Does anyone have an idea ... I never ...!

Many thanks to all the good and creative spirits ...

Your Vader66