Which is the coolest beach in Goa

The best beaches in Goa are cheerful hippies in the north and small children in the south. The best resorts in India

The resorts in South Goa are not at all busy in India, as in the northern part of Goa, because here you won't see crowds on the beach, young people having fun. There is light, almost velvety sand that is constantly cleaned. When you rest on the beaches of the region, you get a mix of tranquility and exoticism at the same time. Which beaches in Goa are definitely worth visiting? Read on for more details.

How to get there

Usually planes arrive at an airport called Dabolim. From here to where the place is popular tourist resorts of South Goa, the best way is by taxi. You can order transport at the airport counter, where you can find out the prices.

Of course you can go to public transport ... First you have to go from Dabolim to Vasco da Gama. This can be done with an auto rickshaw. Further from Vasco da Gama, take the bus to the capital of the Panaji district. Then tourists have to take intercity flights to the Margao intersection, and from that point you can take Autoshaws to the resort you need.

South Goa transportation

In the southern part of the region, people use bicycles more than motorcycles in the north. The area is flatter, so tourists love to enjoy the view of palm trees on the way to the beach.

If you want to experience the Indian flavors even better, you have the option to interact with the people of Goa via the bus service.

Can I rent a car?

You can rent motorbikes, bicycles and a car at the South Goa resorts described below. However, if you expect polite drivers on Indian roads, the local car culture will clearly disappoint you. It is common here to honk and cut loudly so it can be difficult for tourists in this region to travel by car. You can rent a vehicle with a professional driver, but the cost is quite high. For this kind of money you can take a taxi all day.

Beaches and popular resorts

If we are talking about specific locations, then the resorts of South Goa (the list is given below) include many tourist centers. We'll talk about it further.

"Dona Paula" (Goa) is a beach that couples in love love to visit. According to local legend, it was named after the lieutenant governor's daughter who, in grief, jumped from one of the rocks into the sea. She did this because she could not bear the separation from her lover, with whom she was not allowed to see because he was an ordinary fisherman. This beach has a fancy sports club where you can practice water sports.

Benaulim (Goa) - these are quiet beaches, next to which you can stay in cheap hotels. However, this is quite an expensive resort for the average tourist. This place is located near the city of Colva. Goa is perfect for a relaxing vacation. That's why everyone can find something to their liking here. Benaulim (Goa) is located between the Sal River and the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Betul is considered to be the most inaccessible beach. This is where tourists go by boat, but this is where you can try the delicious mussels in the area.

Colva (Goa) is one of the major tourist destinations in all of South Goa. However, this is where you can find an inexpensive hotel and dine in affordable locations where travelers enjoy watching entertainment shows in the evenings.

Really luxurious hotels are located on the stretch of coast known as the "Palopem" beach. This is one of the best and most famous places in the world. This beach is perfect for a comfortable, truly heavenly vacation.

A long sand spike called "Mobor" is surrounded by water, so many tourists come to see the beautiful islands and dunes. Don't be discouraged if you see an inscription on one of the beaches that says it is private property. All land off the coast in India is state, municipal property. So you can relax on the beach in peace.

Goa souvenirs

In North Goa you can buy many souvenirs that will remind you of the atmosphere of warm and mysterious India on cold autumn evenings. Local flavor is the main product that is “popular” in this region. Many tourists buy traditional costumes (saris and traditional trousers), homemade fabrics embroidered with decorative elements from bedspreads. Bags made of real leather, cosmetics of natural origin and aromatic products are also popular here. In addition, sellers in local stores offer to buy cheap metal jewelry (mainly bronze and silver).

Local cuisine

Basically, the local resorts are popular for their fish specialties and seafood. Here you can try fresh and special recipes made from mussels, squid, squid and shrimp. Eat oysters, lobsters, etc. When it comes to fish in Goa, you can choose between tuna, shark, lamphret, etc. As a rule, seafood is fried, baked and served in combination with vegetables. Sauce is useful too.

If you're wondering what to eat in Goa, the locals on the beaches sell tortillas with vegetables, chicken, and fruit.

What to do and see in South Goa

The main attraction of the region is Old Goa. A visit to the old capital is on the must-see must-see list for tourists. There are many architectural monuments in the historical center of the city. Travelers especially like the Cathedral of Saint Catherine, a visit to the Bom Jesus Basilica, etc.

If scuba diving is your thing, you will love Bath Island, where you can see the residents of the reefs in the clear waters.

Those who prefer outdoor recreation can take a trip to Dudhsagar. This is a tall waterfall, and there is a spice plantation nearby, which tourists also like to visit.

In addition, travelers like to travel to a nature reserve called Cotigar. Rare species of Indian birds and animals live here under ancient trees. Tourists expect feral cats, but they are not frequent visitors during the day. Don't despair, however, as you can spot monkeys or wild boars.

Not far from the place where Bogmalo beach is located, there is a museum complex that provides visitors with information about military aviation. There are models and layouts of various vehicles, as well as samples of uniforms for Indian pilots during the war.

Lovers of architectural and historical monuments will love the oldest temple in the region. Mahadeva is dedicated to the great Shiva and was carved from granite around the 13th century. Also in South Goa is the Cross Museum, where you can see the ancient crucifixes and crosses presented in a huge collection.


What's the best time of year to come here to relax? What is the difference between the climatic conditions in the north of the region and in the southern part? In fact, the weather is almost always the same. It may be hard to believe, but the natural conditions in North and South Goa are almost always the same.

How long is the holiday season? It starts in October and ends in May. Then Russian and European vacationers come to South Goa. The daytime temperature rarely falls below 30 degrees Celsius here, and the water warms up to 26 degrees in every season.

The most popular time among vacationers is the time that starts in November and ends in February. But even then, the humidity is around seventy percent. Don't come here in the summer and early September as it is raining in South Goa at that time and you will likely not be able to enjoy the beach or see the city's sights.

The holidays in North Goa are very specific, but at the same time very diverse. It is suitable for those who are fed up with the conventions and strict restrictions imposed on public morals. This corner of the world is rightly considered the birthplace of electronic trance music, which was created here in the early 80s of the last century. Foreign tourists come to this region to relax the mind and body. Some prefer a rewarding meditation experience, others try not to miss a single "hot" party. Here everyone will record entertainment to their liking!


North Goa is a real natural oasis in the northern part of the Indian state of the same name. Geographically, it is between Mumbai and Bangalore. The resort is lapped on both sides by the warm, calm waters of the Arabian Sea. In the area of ​​the tourist center there are a lot of rivers and lakes, there is a lot of green vegetation.


Almost all the sandy beaches of the coast have a characteristic shade of gray that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. This effect is due to a thick layer of volcanic sand.

The most popular beach in North Goa is Arambol, a lively place on the picturesque coast of the Arabian Sea where visitors celebrate "sunset" every day, a daily festival in which attendees thank the gods for another wonderful day .

If you are on vacation with children, prefer quieter and less congested beaches such as Mandrem and Kalacha.


North Goa is suitable all year round for seaside vacations ... The resort has a tropical climate that creates favorable conditions for swimming. The highest air temperature is observed in the period from March to May, when the thermometer in the shade rises above +35 ° C. Most of the rainfall occurs from June to September when the monsoons approaches the resort. The high season starts at the end of November and lasts until February. The water temperature at this time reaches + 22 ... + 25 ° C.

Souvenirs and shopping

In search of original and unusual souvenirs, visit the local flea markets. Almost everything can be found at their endless stalls, from authentic jewelry to traditional everyday items. The following are very popular with foreign tourists:

  • national costume made from natural cotton fabrics;
  • straw mats and special yoga mats;
  • Tibetan cloths and silk crafts;
  • handmade cigarettes called bidi.

Recently, the so-called psychedelic canvases, the peculiarity of which is the use of saturated fluorescent colors, are in great demand among buyers.


Public transportation in North Goa is represented by regular buses that easily take you to nearby cities. Some tourists prefer to travel on foot. However, this method cannot be called expedient. There are practically no paved sidewalks and footpaths on the territory of the resort. Hence, it is more rational to rent a scooter or a motorcycle. If you don't know how to drive these vehicles, order a taxi. The fare starts from 300 rupees and depends directly on the duration of the route.

Tourist Attractions

The main attractions of North Goa are those that are masterfully created by nature itself. The first on this list is the legendary Dudhsagar Waterfall (Dudhsagar). Its main characteristic is the indomitable power of the seething stream that falls from a height of 310 meters. Spectacular photos against the backdrop of bubbling foam and splashes of water are guaranteed!

The Devil's Canyon, formed a few millennia ago under the influence of a strong river current, is no less popular with foreign visitors. At the moment the depth of the canyon is 50 meters.

Not far from the canyon is one of India's oldest architectural landmarks - the Shri Mahadev Temple. The walls of this grandiose structure are made of basalt, on the surface of which a complex carved bas-relief has been preserved, made by talented craftsmen of the time.

Really paradise spread out on the west coast of India - Goa. It is the smallest Indian state with an area of ​​only 660 square kilometers. At the same time, Goa occupies an important place in world tourism thanks to its impressive sandy beaches along the coast of the Arabian Sea. By the way, the length of the coast of Goa extends over 110 km. About 40 resorts emerged there, which attracted a large number of tourists. Why are these vacation destinations so popular with tourists? It's not just about the beautiful beaches: In this extraordinary state of India, indigenous traditions are closely linked to well-known European customs. With a high level of comfort, visitors are invited to see the oldest Indian monuments with their own eyes, partake in mysterious rituals and go on a dangerous safari. In addition, vacationing in Goa is affordable for everyone.

Traditionally, the area of ​​Goa is divided into southern and northern parts. The latter is particularly attractive to active people. But South Goa has expensive hotels and the best beaches on the coast. In this article we will tell you about the most famous Goa resorts in India.

North Goa Resorts

Basically, the northern part of Goa is home to small villages and towns such as Anjuna, Baga, Candolim, Vagator, Calangute etc., where there are many small hotels and hostels.

North Goa resorts are particularly popular with young people, and not just because of their relatively inexpensive recreation. Here, in clubs or in the open air, dance parties take place that are known to all party guests in the world - for pop, house, trance and club style. Found in the resorts of Goa in the northern part, gear levers and those smoking hashish or using other stimulants in cozy corners.

For lovers of active recreation Anjuna Resort is suitable. It's true the beaches are rocky. But the atmosphere of peace and boredom does not prevail here: there are loud trance parties that are full of happy people.

A quieter area is at the Vagator Resort, but there are also plenty of clubs, but the beaches are excellent too.

South Goa Resorts

In this part of the Indian state you will find the most comfortable hotels next to the most beautiful beaches. The best resorts in Goa are towns and villages: Colva, Benaulim, Mobor, Majorda, Varka, Cavelossim, Palolem. For those who like to relax in seclusion, we recommend buying a tour to Cola or Patnem, where you will meet very few people against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes. The infrastructure there is poorly developed.

You should also give a description of the resort of Goa, considered the pearl of the smallest state in India - Palolem. It is this place that is considered by many to be the ideal place to relax: gentle waves, breathtaking nature, wonderful sandy beaches. If you want, you can take a trip to nearby attractions: the Dudhsagar Waterfall, Cabo da Rama Fort, the Cotigao Nature Reserve or diving. The hotels in Palolem are almost always full, despite their high costs. Hence the only downside to the resort is the noisy atmosphere due to the large number of people.

The busiest and busiest of the quiet resorts in south Goa is Colva, the oldest and largest colonial-style resort with many fishermen's huts. The most populous - central beach ... The highlight of Kolva are lakeside restaurants that stand on stilts - like huts on chicken legs. The cuisine here is fantastic and there's also a bit of nightlife in the Ziggis and Splash clubs. Young people and couples without children predominate among holidaymakers in Colva, although other categories are found.


The beaches are the most exotic resort in South Goa and are surrounded by coconut palms and other unusual plants. Holidays in Majorda are quiet but not without activity. Here you can ride water equipment, play tennis and volleyball, and also try the fish of your choice. Be sure to try the pastries, they are made here according to old recipes - with coconut milk.

The closest resort in South Goa, but also the most prestigious. Stars, politicians and oligarchs like Bill Clinton and Paul McCartney love to rest here. Nevertheless, the location of the resort is a spit with white beaches surrounded by water on three sides. Most of the facilities in Mobor can safely be classified as "luxury".

In a way - "brother" of Mobor, where the mostly respectable audience rests. It's quiet, cozy, dolphins come to visit, you can take a boat to the sea and try the freshest seafood that fishermen will catch before your eyes. Tourists also have the option of fishing themselves and then ordering dinner from their own catch.


This resort is called the "Pearl" of the state.Fluffy sand, calm sea - warm as fresh milk, an abundance of palm trees on the beaches, pleasant people from all over the world - all of this will make you return here again and again. Due to the popularity of Palolem, it can hardly be described as remote, but it's still quieter here than north of Goa. There is also the option of trekking, diving, canyoning and snorkeling, as well as chatting with dolphins (you will have to ask the local seafarers to take you to see the dolphins by boat, but Palolem residents are more than happy to provide a " Trick "is their pride).

This part of the state of Goa is the most developed for entertainment, dating, leisure, and touring. In the 1970s, this area was called the Mecca for hippies. Although those times have passed, the resort area has taken on a different look and become more comfortable, but the majority of tourists who come to North Goa are young people who love driving, fun, intense tranquility and night life. Tourists differ in their income levels, but they agree on the main one - preferences. There are vacationers and older - ex-hippies, creatives and other lovers of life on the move. Join in, it will be interesting and fun.

The most Russian resort in India, jokingly referred to as the "Russian Village". And that is indeed true - almost 80% of vacationers in Morjim are Russians, and some of them live here permanently, living on rental apartments in their homeland. Why is the resort so challenged by compatriots? Why not? Large and still moderately overcrowded sandy beaches (no stones), gentle access to the sea, suitable for children, a warm atmosphere (there are a lot of married couples with crumbs), no fuss, excellent and inexpensive cuisine, as well as the opportunity to windsurf - what else still needed to make life a permanent vacation ?!

If you love a party you must go to Arambol, the "epicenter" of entertainment for hippies, freaks, junkies and other shocking teenagers. Here you can watch and show and carry out various performances, organize thematic gatherings, do yoga (by the way, the famous local yoga center belongs to one of our compatriots) right on the street. The local beach is long and you can find very secluded corners. Accommodation is cheap, mostly bungalows. Arambol has a 24-hour party, but you'll have to look for drinks and dancing and suites at neighboring resorts. What is happening here, however, is much more interesting.


"Neighbor" Arambol is a quiet "oasis" where mostly married couples with crumbs and parents rest. This is made easier by the gentle entrance, the lack of stones and stones on the beaches, perfect cleanliness and spaciousness ... Good infrastructure here: there is a market, an exchange office, a pharmacy and cozy restaurants. Many tourists who have arrived in tandem are addicted to meditation. If you want a dance party, make your way to the neighboring Anjuna or Vagator (the road along the sea takes no more than 20 minutes one way).

Closes the top three leaders of the hippie resorts Calangute, who was once a leader of his kind (in the 1960s). You will not find rest here, but there are more than enough extraordinary acquaintances, meditation, yoga, massage. There are also karate classes. However, Calangute is not only known for relaxing sessions. Here you can also "hop off" at the disco, buy souvenirs (vendors at every step) and also enjoy the amazing Indian cuisine ... Do not expect much comfort - there are few hotels, the beach is not immaculate, but a stay Staying in a bungalow or guest house costs moderate and you have a lot of money for entertainment and shopping. For young people - just the thing!

This resort is located in the center of North Goa and is best known for its dance orientation. Despite the imperfections of the local coastline (stones, steep descent into the sea, dark sand), Vagator is loved by many because it is especially beautiful here, nature seems frozen in a wild state and there are few people. Accommodation at the resort is comfortable, the restaurants cook wonderfully, you can dance until you drop - why not, if you are energetic, love everything unusual and want to recharge your batteries with vivid impressions ?!

Anjuna is actually Vagator's "twin". There aren't the best beaches either, but fun, lots of dancing, fun, laughter and unusual emotions. This is one of the rare Indian resorts that has a Goa trance party. Tourists in Anjuna are temperate, you can even find secluded spots on the fluffy sand. With the exception of Wednesdays, when vendors and tourists from almost all over the state flock to the village, you can stock up on souvenirs, outfits and other goods at the famous Fleamarket market, the largest in Goa.

The resort is full of married couples with heirs, because the conditions are comfortable and there are nannies who entertain crumbs of different ages. Now local bungalows and villas are just as popular as large hotels. Aguada is nice, cozy, nice beach and you can stroll through the tropical garden, but it's a bit difficult with night time entertainment, you have to go to neighboring resorts.

The most sparsely populated resort in North Goa, but that doesn't mean it's cheap. There are few accommodations at the resort. Even if you rent a bamboo hut, you will be charged a reasonable amount. As they say, you have to pay for the silence. Those who want to enjoy solitude, fluffy sand of unusual dark color, picturesque scenery and local idyll - more than enough, local authorities cannot keep up with the pace of hotel construction. Often, tourists who love Ashvem act wisely and go on a knighthood - they live in neighboring villages and come here to relax on the beach. You can follow their example. The highlight of Ashvem's beaches are white tents with comfortable sofas on which you can enjoy Ayurveda, massage during the day and party in the evening.

Sinquerim is famous for the oldest beach in Goa that has received nature reserve status. However, the venerable age does not prevent the beach from always keeping its "brand", for example offering water entertainment at the level of prestigious European resorts. If you want to wallow like seals, or if you want to tone up and recharge your batteries, you can surf, snorkel, dive, parasail, and even play volleyball. The service in Sinquerima is impeccable, the infrastructure is impressive, but the prices are reasonable. The beach is not very wide (because of the sand that approaches the bank under the famous sunken "River Princess"), but comfortable, calm, not overcrowded. However, seasoned travelers claim that local authorities will soon be sorting this out by ship.

It is said that the beach in Candolim is the most beautiful in Goa. The resort is full of decent hotels, shops, and restaurants - more expensive than neighboring resorts. But you don't mind paying more for such a service, you will see for yourself. Relaxing here is a special pleasure, as there is an opportunity to "get to know" dolphins. They say that Candolim has a more similar atmosphere to South Goa. There are many married couples with children. However, due to the steep descent to the water, parents with small toddlers choose other villages. The highlight of Candolim is the crystal clear pond with huge red lotus flowers. The most beautiful vacation pictures are taken in this place. Try it yourself!


Baga is the "cradle" of local tourism, as the first holidaymakers from other countries appeared here in the 1920s. Most of them were hippies back then, but today they are travelers of different classes and ages. The range of prices for accommodation and meals offered by locals is encouraging: you can find and budget options, and luxury services. Baga is famous for its seafood restaurants as well as French and Italian cuisine. One of the brightest entertainments in Baga is the night fish grill, which uses fish freshly caught from the sea. The resort is also good for shopping, at least when compared to its "brothers". Every Saturday evening there is a mass in Baga. It can't be called the biggest in Goa, but you can find exclusive souvenirs and replenish your wardrobe with colorful outfits. The beach in Baga can hardly be called big, but a beautiful river runs through the village and you can swim in too. Kids love them. And to the parents experienced tourists it is highly recommended to visit one of the state's disco vintage cars - Tito's nightclub, which appeared almost 45 years ago and has not lost its popularity to this day.

What goa resort Did you like it? Or do you want to go around a few or even all of them? You are right, you definitely will not regret such a decision, you will see!

In administrative and historical terms, Goa is divided into northern and southern zones, the border of which runs along the mouth of the Zuari River.

This division largely determines the characteristics of the tourist infrastructure and the organization of recreation, and also makes the difference between the districts in terms of energy and atmosphere noticeable. So far the debate about where is the best vacation in Goa: north or south? To answer this question yourself, it is worth understanding the specifics of these areas.

It's been like this since the days of the hippie movement North Goa is chosen by fans of outdoor activities, dancing, parties and other entertainment... The people come to this part of India not in search of peace, but for new existential impressions and experiences, as the legendary four of Liverpool once did. The Beatles.

The local beaches are always full of young people, happy, loud and relaxed.

And in general, the public gathers here unpretentiously: North Goa does not offer tourists ultra-modern hotels and elite services. Therefore, the conditions here are simpler and much lower than in the neighboring southern district.

The best beaches in North Goa

1. Arambol

Arambol is considered the hallmark of North Goa - it is the most famous local beach and therefore the busiest. There are many bars, cafes (sheks), cheap hotels, shops and street vendors. Arambol is also known to tourists for its beach market and the so-called "drum circle", which will spend the sun at sunset every day.

2. Mandrem

Difficult to see noisy, dashing society in Mandrem, more often chosen by married couples. It belongs to the number of beaches in North Goa where it is better to relax with children. The conditional limits of its territory are two small rivers through which simple bamboo bridges are thrown. On the strip of sand along the sea there are many shallow natural pools of sea water - children especially enjoy splashing around in them.

3. Morjim

This gently sloping sandy beach is an attraction in itself: the locals jokingly call it "Moscow Beach". The vast majority of tourists here speak Russian, and this tendency is evident in everything: the names of the dishes on the cafe menu, the encyclopedia of traders, music from everywhere ...

Compared to other beaches in North Goa, Morjim is not cheap. But here it's very cool to practice kiting and windsurfing: hot, sunny and moderately windy weather is best for this type of recreation.

Last minute tours to the best beaches of Goa

4. Calangute

In the eyes of tourists, Calangute is a whole city with a well-developed beach infrastructure: hotels, cafes, restaurants, massages, sun loungers on the coast and much more. It's pretty noisy and crowded here almost every season of the year, but there are always different types of recreation and guests of North Goa have no problems with accommodation and food.

5. Candolim

When it is difficult to decide where to rest in Goa, Candolim can serve as the "golden mean". Perhaps the most prestigious and "secular" beach in the district, spiritually closer to South Goa than North.

The prices are higher here, but the conditions meet expectations: peaceful atmosphere, comfortable accommodation, well-developed infrastructure. The descent to the sea is quite steep, but this disadvantage is remedied by the beauty and spaciousness of the surface of the water, where you can see the figures of kiters and windsurfers.

Vacation in South Goa

South Goa is considered a place of respectable relaxation, full of dignity and leisurely contemplation in India. The electoral audience comes here: wealthy or even very wealthy tourists who demand a high level of service and accommodation with maximum comfort.

In South Goa, tranquility is better for those who are looking for an opportunity to visit beautiful beaches with slightly clean sand and stay in a 5-star hotel.

Here you can be sure that the child will receive additional care (animator, children's room, etc.), which is why South Goa is often chosen. In general, a mature and calm crowd gathers at local resorts, so night parties and noisy parties are rare here.

Best beaches in South Goa

1. Colva Beach

The cleanest and most beautiful beach with a length of more than 15 miles proudly bears the title of the best in the entire state of Goa. Smooth sandy bottom, gentle slope towards the water, weak current make it safe, especially for bathing children.

The conditions for recreation in this part of South Goa vary: from luxurious hotels with spacious rooms to very small guest houses. Another feature of the place is active nightlife: In addition to entertainment options that are open after sunset, there is even a night market.

2. Cavelossim

white beach framed by palm groves with luxurious villas and a huge selection of entertainment options: from catamaran riding and diving to fire shows and fireworks. Various excursions and excursions in India are organized from here, including boat trips with dolphins. And lovers of night discos will be delighted Party zone, Disco club number 1 in South Goa.

3. Majorda

Those who have ever been to Goa, India, have no question of where better to rest - at the Majorda Resort, of course! According to the reviews of tourists, here is a really beautiful beach with white, fine and soft sand, not to mention breathtaking landscapes.

Local cafes serve national dishes, have a menu in Russian, and host entertainment events with dancing and music. One of the undoubted advantages is the opportunity to visit SPATake a trip and do almost any sport: from volleyball to surfing.

4. Palolem

Relatively small beach in South Goa (only approx. 2 km) with atmospheric bungalows and boats on the shore. It's in a bay so there are no big waves and the water activities are simple and quite traditional. The sand is fine and soft, there is cleanliness and order, many cafes and sheks are open, and the choice of accommodation to rest is practically unlimited: hotels, guest houses, bungalows.

5. Cooking

Not overcrowded, well-kept and beautiful beach with an enchanting view of nature. There aren't that many entertainment options here: you can go on a bike ride or watch dolphins. The prices for accommodation in local hotels are quite high, but the level of service matches them.

North or South Goa, whichever is better

Travel to North Goa if you:

  • this is their first time vacationing in India and want to learn more about the lifestyle of the local people.
  • appreciate the spirit of freedom over the comfortable fetters of civilization;
  • enjoy simple human pleasures;
  • young in body and soul and want to keep this feeling for a long time.