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Communication with the dog

It took Dr. Sommer over 4 years to teach his dog to speak. He practiced with his St. Bernard for 8 hours a day. “Otto brings red roses” sounds like “oho oh oho oo o”. Most will have recognized that it is Loriot with his talking dog.

My mastiff girl - the monster

My mastiff girl, Lilli-Fee or colloquially also monster, communicates constantly. So mostly wordless, of course, in a dog's way. When noises are made, they bark, whine or howl. She does the latter when she's bored and kindly has her master to look after her. After all, she is a dog and needs a certain basic unit to play and cuddle.

However, these are only the communication channels that are recognizable for everyone. You and I have agreed on wordless communication. A wink, a snap of her finger, a click of her tongue are commands that she implements. In doing so, she recognizes what is meant. She instinctively decides whether to snap her fingers at her feet or to put her on the seat. She reads a changed expression perfectly.

Mutual communication

She does the same to me. In addition to the well-known signs such as putting on ears or standing up or wagging her tail, there are a number of actions with which she communicates with me. Of course, a lot goes through the eyes. But posture also express tension, expectation or relaxation. When playing, she's not interested in winning when tugging. If it notices that you want to give up, it lets it go for a moment, the main thing is that the game continues.

If I pet other dogs, she tolerates it, but in no way agrees. She is tense all over and would love to have me all by myself. She then tries to show me through dominant behavior that she is the only one and that she didn't like it. She is stricter than my girlfriend there. She doesn't mind if I flirt.

Though wordless, it is a very entertaining way to be with her that leaves nothing unsaid.

But what am I getting at? There are talking dogs. But it works differently between my girl and me.

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