Why can only I feel crystal energy?

Magic stones: Gemstones have a mysterious power


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Rose quartz © ZEIT.de Cosmic elemental force gave rise to them, the four elements have shaped them, energetic radiations give them magical powers: stones and minerals and crystals, cut or raw, not only look pretty, they also have amazing effects on body and soul attributed to. Gemstones have a mysterious power that goes far beyond their optical beauty. However, you need a little patience to feel the success.

For more and more people, gemstones are more than dead objects: they are said to have a magical life of their own and have been believed since ancient times that they have mysterious powers that bring good luck and are healing. Their crystalline structure makes them ideal "receivers" for sunlight and all cosmic rays. At the same time, each stone has its own, unmistakable vibration, which - together with color and shape - has a direct effect on its surroundings. This also applies to the human organism, the can be stimulated both physically and psychologically by the vibrational energy of stones. Subconsciously - because one is wearing a gemstone chain or there is a gem in the room, for example. Or consciously - by using the healing power of the crystals in a targeted manner, alone or with the help of a lithotherapist Lithotherapy (gemstone medicine) influences the electromagnetic radiation of a stone, the energy flow of the body's energy channels (meridians), the activity of the energy centers in the body (chakras), the electrical stimulus conduction of the nerves, the activity of the hormonal glands and the metabolism of the cells. It also simulates it indirectly the associated soul ical, mental and spiritual areas.

Although prescribing powdered jewels is no longer part of the medical repertoire, lithotherapy has come back into fashion. The offer is accordingly large: from carrying and placing stones in the event of physical complaints to the production of gemstone water, powder and elixirs, gemstone meditation and spiritual development and healing processes, which focus on working with crystals - all of this satisfies you Demand. In "crystal healing", for example, the aura of a person is to be cleaned in order to free him from suppressed emotional shocks and to enable a growth process. Gemstone acupuncture and massage are further areas of application of the therapy. Direct skin contact results in an energetic charge of all organs. Stones, the vibrations of which have a helping or healing influence on the body's energy balance, can be carried with you at all times - in your pocket when you want to stimulate the chakras in the lower body area, on a chain when the heart, neck or forehead center should be stimulated. Often smoothed and polished "touchstones" are recommended, which nestle in the hand. The body receptors pick up the vibrations emanating from the stone and pass them on to the energy centers.

Amethyst © ZEIT.de In contrast, the so-called "laying patterns" are controversial. While some lithotherapists stick to templates, others plead for an individual decision about which stone is placed on which part of the body. Usually the choice of stones is even left to the client, in order to minimize the risk that minerals are used which overstrain the life situation and the vitality of the client. Because not every stone helps every person. And not every person needs the same stone in different phases of life. It is all the more important, one or more stones It goes without saying that these stones must be real. Likewise, stones require regular cleaning and care so that their full power can be used. The choice should be (except for very specific physical complaints) take place intuitively: if you have enough time immt, will sooner or later come across a stone that he feels magically attracted to, that is "on the same wavelength" with him. This is particularly important with stones that are worn on the body for a long time. Because only when the wavelength is right, the stone can increase the energies of its wearer and put his physical, mental and emotional body in harmonious oscillation. The magical effect of the gemstones also unfolds without direct skin contact. Gemstone physicians - like Feng Shui consultants - are convinced that stones that stand free or are laid out in a corner of a room emit enough radiation and energy to positively improve the physical and mental balance of the people who are in the room influence. Believe it or not, it is definitely worth a try.

Agate: The name is said to come from the Achates River in Sicily. It is one of the oldest coveted gemstones that have always been used as lucky and healing stones. Having with you an agate cut into an amulet or a hand flatterer should make its wearer sensitive to other people.