How durable are wooden patio furniture

Which terrace covering goes with which garden furniture?

The question of maintenance also plays a decisive role for many when choosing a terrace covering. The most care needs Real wood. Here it is primarily the local woods that naturally contain little oil inclusions and therefore ensure good weather resistance regularly with oil or glazes need to be treated. The easier-to-care-for alternative are synthetic woods, which have the appearance of wood and retain the original wood look for a long time without care. But be careful: WPC and Co. do not turn gray, but they tend to fade!

Easiest to clean Tiles. High-quality outdoor tiles have a dirt-repellent surface and are also acid and alkali-resistant. So if something goes wrong when grilling, the Clean tile floors very easily.

Natural stone slabs and outdoor tiles can also be used with one high pressure cleaner be hosed. For example, moss coverings can be easily removed without any chemicals. But be careful: the pressure should not be too high. Water that is sprayed at a pressure of 120 bar from a distance of at least 20 centimeters should generally not cause any damage. It is best to approach the correct water pressure in an inconspicuous place. The joints, which you can wash out with the hard water jet, can be problematic here. High-pressure cleaners are therefore more recommended for firmly jointed panels and tiles.

Around Stone slabs additionally to protect against stains and to reduce the absorbency, one is recommended impregnation. This is not a must, but this way the material is better protected from dirt, as the agent penetrates the pores and forms an invisible film on which moisture and dirt roll off.

Gravel, on the other hand, is a terrace covering that requires a lot of maintenance if the bed should always look well-cared for. Light-colored stones in particular can quickly set up moss and weeds can grow through the pebbles and all kinds of leaves and other plant residues can settle. A weed fleece is recommended to curb weed growth. Other dirt must be removed mechanically or with a leaf blower or captured using vacuum. The stones themselves can only be washed with a high-pressure cleaner, as very fine-grained gravel and chippings fly through the garden as projectiles due to excessive pressure. The water jet is therefore only suitable for coarser gravel and stones. So if you want to keep fine ornamental gravel clean, you need a green deposit remover.