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Should we or should we not? There are companies that have been thinking for years whether they should build a presence on social media with their company. Often, however, there are no clear answers. Therefore, we take an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

The fact is: There are more than enough of both the advantages and the disadvantages. Social media marketing holds great opportunities for companies. Access to new target groups is enough for most companies as a decisive argument. However, your own appearance on social media needs to be well thought out and even better organized. Because the saying “Being there is everything!” Applies everywhere, just not in social media marketing!

On the contrary: a carelessly managed social media presence can even lead to negative feedback. In the worst case, your own appearance will simply be completely ignored. The range of presences from companies that put a lot of effort into their social media presence and deliver real added value to their own target group is now too large.

Before you start your own company on social media, you should take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages. Because a decision against social media marketing can also make sense for your own company - as long as the decision was made comprehensibly and consciously!

Social media marketing - advantages and disadvantages for companies

From a company's point of view, it should always be clear that the start into the world of social media marketing should not be carried out without a clear strategy. Because even if social media are still “only” a side issue in your own marketing mix, no resources should be wasted here either.

  • Who do we want to reach on social media?
  • What do we want to trigger with the user with the help of our contributions?
  • How would we like to define our social media goals?

These are just a few questions to which a clear answer should be found in advance! Without them, the “Social Media Marketing” project will be on a shaky framework right from the start!

The selection of the (supposedly) correct social media channels should also be well thought out. Because not only that all channels speak their own “language”. A correspondingly large amount of time - or less - time is also consumed on the respective channels for the production of correspondingly high-quality content.

Time that should be planned well in advance! Otherwise social media will quickly become an everyday problem. And as soon as this point is reached, the social media are usually "pulped" again as quickly as possible. That much is certain!

Disadvantage # 1 - hardly any reach without advertising

The social media landscape has become increasingly rough for companies in recent years. One of the clear disadvantages in the area of ​​social media is therefore - at least compared to before - that companies rarely achieve a correspondingly relevant reach without advertising. If you want to reach new - and also existing (!) - target groups, you have to invest accordingly in advertising on the respective channel.

Does that mean social media are no longer free for companies? Yes, but somehow not necessarily! As of today, companies simply have to be ready to plan a corresponding, monthly ad budget and thus ensure sufficient coverage. After all, the best content is of no use if nobody sees it!

Disadvantage # 2 - No community without content

Social media channels thrive on content! Without content, no "likes". And without “likes”, there is no community. Companies that fail to inspire the users of a platform with their content will have a hard time achieving success. After all, it's about convincing them of their own company with the help of their own content.

For companies, this is about understanding the "language" of the respective platform and giving the published content a special "touch". Of course, content should also be published on a regular basis. This is the only way to stay in the head of your own community. Companies that do not have the time to continuously produce content have a difficult time right from the start. After all, why should someone follow their own corporate presence if added value is not continuously being delivered here?

Disadvantage # 3 - Comments, Shitstorms and Co.

Let's not fool ourselves: not every published content of your own company is a "hit"! Every now and then your own content immediately provokes questions, comments and, of course, criticism. It is not only important to react quickly, but above all professionally! After all, social media thrives on reusable communication. Companies that want to play successfully here have to take the time to interact with the community.

It often becomes problematic for many companies if this communication should take place on the weekend. The workforce may enjoy the weekend here. The community especially likes to interact here - and prefers to receive timely answers! As a company, you have to adapt to this situation and be ready to go the “extra mile” even on weekends and public holidays. So are the rules of social media!

Advantage # 1 - reach, new target groups and higher sales

Wherever there is a lot of work, there are usually opportunities. So also with social media marketing! For companies, social media offer great opportunities to expand the reach of their own company, open up new target groups and increase sales.

And: In contrast to the "classic", often very expensive media, the costs for social media marketing are comparatively low. This is precisely one of the great advantages of social media! In addition, the new target groups can be used effectively to get feedback on existing products or even to discover product innovations. As a company, you just have to know “how” you can (properly) get into a conversation with the target group!

Benefit # 2 - Increase customer brand loyalty

The brand loyalty of many customer groups has fallen sharply over the past few years. In almost all industries! No wonder, the next option is usually just a "click" away. But especially with "repeat offenders", companies have customer groups in their ranks that boost profits. Acquiring new customers is still many times more expensive than convincing existing customers to make another purchase.

Companies cleverly use social media to enter into a permanent exchange with existing customers in a targeted manner. This can often make the difference to the competition!

Advantage # 3 - Gain new market share

Especially when you operate as a company in an industry in which there are (very) large competitors, social media can help to close this gap. Because whenever the big competitors interact with the target group in a standardized and "impersonal" way, you can shine as a small competitor with customer service at its best!

Companies should seize these opportunities again and again and gradually convince the target group of their own offer. Even if it may seem tedious in some places to “recruit” potential customers individually - this strategy is definitely worthwhile in the medium to long term.

Benefit # 4 - Collect new content ideas

As an agency you hear one sentence again and again: “We just don't have any content ideas!”.

But: Here too, social media can be seen as a “panacea”. Because where could a company collect more content ideas than on social media itself? Of course, this is not about simply copying the content of the competition. However, one should very well collect information about which content the competition publishes continuously and, above all, which content is well received by your own target group. This is how you finally learn!

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