What are your useless talents

# 100dreisteQuestions with Flo from CLAIRE: "What is your most useless talent?"

Flo Kiermaier, guitarist of the Munich band “CLAIRE”, visited us in the carpenter's shop. If he's already there, he can ask himself our 100 bold questions right away, we thought.

The band Claire released their second album called "Tide" (translated: tides) last year. There are times when life is really great and then there are the moments when you fall. We can all sing a song about that, but not like Claire, because the down-to-earth and honest band provides us with great songs for all walks of life. Whether slow and soulful without end, from funky to danceable, everything is included. And they are also sympathetic and realistic. Have they already had their own up-and-down phases behind them, like when they found them again in Lithuania in 2015, six months after their instruments and band bus were stolen in London through an anonymous tip. Crazy. So crazy that they made a film about the story. Claire has now recovered from the setback and continues to delight us with fantastic songs.

The likeable Flo, like his band colleague Fridl, answered our 100 brazen questions. With us nobody is spared! How good that Fridl helps out when asked about Flo’s most useless talent!

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