What is blogophobia


from ancient Greek ἀγορά ("agorá") - market place and φόβος ("phóbos") - fear
English: agoraphobia

1 definition

The Agoraphobia denotes fear of the outside world and is the most common form of anxiety disorder. A patient who suffers from this disorder is afraid of situations from which he cannot escape or even believes he is losing control of himself. "Embarrassing" symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or loss of bladder control are perceived as fear-inducing factors. The situations that arouse these fears are increasingly avoided and the fears are transferred to environments that previously did not trigger feelings of fear. The so-called Fear of fear.

2 triggering situations

Situations are perceived as threatening from which the phobic cannot easily escape, e.g. a queue in the supermarket, a train ride, an elevator. Typical situations that can trigger anxiety are being in open spaces, in crowds, in department stores, while driving a car and when you are far from home.

3 fearful lives

Every phobic person experiences their fear in different ways. Some can stand in a queue without any problems, but are not able to cover long distances by car alone. In some cases the agoraphobia is so pronounced that the person affected is no longer able to leave the house, which leads to an increasing restriction of his freedom of movement and of course his daily life.

4 symptoms

The following symptoms are often described in connection with agoraphobia:

5 therapy

Treatment of agoraphobia is possible with psychotherapy and / or with a combination of medication.