How can I get Singapore citizenship

Application for issuing or renewal of a passport


You can get your passport on-line through the Application for Passport On-line Electronic

Apply for the system (APPLES). Please click here for the APPLES website.

To apply for your pass online, you need:

  • a credit card for online payment; and
  • Your photo as an image file in JPEG format ("jpg" extension)

If you do not meet these requirements, or if you have lost or damaged your passport, it is not possible to apply for the passport via APPLES. In this case, you must submit your application through the embassy. You can download the application forms for applying and renewing your passport from the Immigration and Control Point Authority website These forms are also available from our embassy.

Please fill out the forms carefully and send them to the embassy or to one of our consulates. You also need:

  • 2 photocopies of your NRIC / birth certificate
  • 2 photocopies of your Citizenship Certificate
    (if the applicant is a Singaporean citizen by birth or registration)
  • 3 newer photos in the format 45x35 mm. The photos must show the whole face, in color, without headgear and against a white background
  • if you are married, 2 photocopies of your marriage certificate
  • if you have 2 photocopies of your Exit Permit / Notice of Exemption as well
  • 2 sets of photocopies of the main pages of your current passport

We will then forward these documents to Singapore for processing. A new pass costs EUR 40.00. Please pay in cash or by check. It usually takes up to a month to receive the pass. You will be notified as soon as the new pass has arrived.

Important note: you must personally come to the embassy or consulate to collect your new Singaporean international passport.

A pass that is older than 10 years cannot be extended. In this case you have to apply for a new one. For more details on renewing a passport that is less than 10 years old, please contact the embassy consular section.