How does Google rank search results

This is how Google search works

For almost every search query, there are thousands or even millions of websites with potentially relevant information. So how does Google find out which search results to show? The selection begins even before you enter the search query.

the web content

Even before you start your search, Google organizes information about websites in the search index. This index is a kind of library, but it contains more information than all the libraries in the world put together.

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Direct comparison
of the search term

In a split second, Google's search algorithms crawl hundreds of billions of web pages in our search index to find the most relevant and useful results for you.

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Results on
present in a helpful way

To help you find what you're looking for faster, Google provides results in many useful formats. Whether as a map with directions, picture, video or story - we are constantly developing new methods of presenting information.

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We sell ads, not
Search results

Advertisers can pay to have their advertisements displayed in clearly marked areas on the page, but it is generally not possible to buy a better placement in the actual search results.

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Constant optimization

We know the search can still be improved. That is why it is tested every day. We run hundreds of thousands of tests every year, which form the basis for thousands of optimizations.

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