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A Googolplex is the number 10Googol = 1010100. According to the Guinness World Records, this is the largest finite number with a widely accepted name.

Etymology Edit source]

The word is based on Googol. Although various sources claim that it was coined by Edward Kasner or a person from his circle of acquaintances, the name is according to a book by Kasner and Newman[1] same nephew as the creator of Googol (look there).

Initially, it was suggested that the term should stand for a one with so many zeros that it would lead to fatigue when writing it down. Since the exact number varies from person to person, the number was defined as a one followed by a googol zero.

Notoriety [edit | Edit source]

  • The head office of Google is called Googleplex.
  • In the cartoon The simpsons there is a cinema called Springfield Googolplex.

Numbers nearby Edit source]

The number 573 = 575757 contains about two Googols places.

Dario Alejandro Alpern maintains lists of known prime factors of numbers of the type Googolplex +n (where 0 ≤ n <1,000), Googolplex + 10Exp (where 0 ≤ Exp ≤ 9) and Googolplex -n (where 0 ≤ n < 1 000).[2]

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Individual evidence [edit | Edit source]

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