Why do babies have to burp

Question: Do babies always have to burp after a meal?

After drinking a little pork on your breast or from a bottle - always a must? We'll tell you!

Swallowing and breathing is not that easy for the little ones. The coordination between the esophagus and trachea is not yet working properly. The consequences can be flatulence, colic, belching or spitting after meals.

The fact is: Babies in particular need to be fed by bottle feeding or expressed breast milk. By sucking on the bottle, children swallow much more air than on the breast. When you are breastfeeding, eating is much more relaxed and dosed. Similar to when we drink from a bottle - there is a lot more air in our stomach than dosed through a cup.

In the case of breastfed children, a burrow is induced in any case if it is a greedy drinker. Greedy means when large quantities of milk are drunk in a short time. You get confused with breathing and drinking. Babies cannot yet control this process on their own and therefore need support. If the baby is consuming a lot of milk in a short period of time - it is better to lean on the breast more often and take more breaks. Prevents stomach ache and spitting up after breastfeeding.

Cozy children take breaks on their own. As with almost all topics, there is no single answer. Belching is advisable when it seems like it. Mums quickly get a sense of whether the child is cozy or greedy.

Sleeping babies, for example after breastfeeding at night not to be specially woken up - as long as they seem calm and content. But if the baby is restless after drinking, it will want to be picked up - because air may be pressing in the tummy.

And otherwise: try burping, have a cloth diaper ready for possible spitting attacks, place the baby upright on the shoulder and gently pat or rub the back a few times - if after 5-10 minutes there is no bulge, the baby just doesn't want to burp - that's not a drama 😉 You can't and shouldn't force it! Instead of on the shoulder, some babies prefer the flight grip or burping in a sitting position on their lap.

Flatulence can occur from swallowing large amounts of air while eating. However, many other reasons can cause abdominal pain in the baby, for example intolerance to the ingredients of man-made milk or if mom has eaten something that is not good for the baby's tummy. The motto is to observe closely, then you can quickly find out where the cause is.