How smart is Donald Trump

Genius Trump? Which presidents of the United States were really smart

Donald Trump obsessively emphasizes his high level of intelligence - no IQ test. This study shows the IQs of previous US presidents.

Donald Trump countered the revelatory book "Fire and Fury", which raises doubts about his ability to act. He berated the journalist Michael Wolff as a "totally untrustworthy author" and a "total failure". After that he praised himself in the highest tones. He went from being a very successful businessman to being a television star and a US president. "I think that not only qualifies me as smart, but also as a genius (...) and a very stable genius at that."

The Twitter community makes fun of the US president under #stablegenius. Countless Trump opponents see themselves confirmed: Trump is neither psychologically nor intellectually suitable for the presidency. Some twitterers challenged Trump to an IQ test - again. Trump's intelligence is an ongoing issue. Also because Trump has been claiming to have a particularly high IQ for years. He has sent more than 20 tweets on this subject, as US media have counted. The US president has so far refused to submit the results of an IQ test.

Last fall, the President challenged Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson to an intelligence test after he was alleged to have described Trump as a "fool". The highly gifted Mensa Association got involved - with the suggestion of organizing an IQ test for Trump and Tillerson. Nothing came of it. Because both sides pretended the matter was just a joke. After Trump's recent self-praise, the Washington Post asked the White House for the results of an IQ test of the president over the weekend. But there was no reaction.

Study of the IQ of all US presidents up to Bush

The fact that Trump attaches particular importance to calling himself mentally stable and extremely intelligent is very noticeable, said Dean Keith Simonton, a renowned professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis. The renewed discussion about his mental constitution is obviously affecting the US President at a sore point, Simonton said at the request of the Washington Post. The researcher asked why Trump did not publish the results of an IQ test. "I think we can guess why."

The psychologist Simonton has researched intelligence and related topics all his life and has written many books on it (including “Genius and Creativity”, “Genius, Creativity and Leadership”, “Greatness: Who Makes History and Why”). Simonton did a study in which the intelligence of over 40 US presidents was examined. The reason for the study, published in 2006, was the presidency of George W. Bush, whose intellectual abilities had been questioned again and again.

George W. Bush had the fourth lowest IQ

Simonton's team of psychologists determined an intelligence quotient between 111.1 and 138.5 for the US President who was in office from 2001 to 2009. “He's definitely intelligent. And he's definitely smart enough to be President of the United States, ”Simonton said of George W. Bush at the time. At the same time, the investigation found that Bush had the fourth lowest IQ of any US president to date. The psychologists used the historiometric method to determine the ranking of the most intelligent presidents. The necessary personality profiles were created on the basis of educational qualifications, personality descriptions, biographical sources and a lot of other information that could be used as IQ indicators.

John Quincy Adams, who ruled from 1825 to 1829, is considered the US President with the highest IQ. Adams is assigned an IQ between 165 and 175. On ranks 2 to 5 follow Thomas Jefferson (145.0 to 160) and James Madison (120.0 to 160.0) as well as John F. Kennedy (138.9 to 159.8) and Bill Clinton (135.6 to 159.0). Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, who are considered the greatest presidents of the United States in many rankings, have IQ scores of 127.4 to 150.5 and 125.0 to 150.0.

The IQ of the average person is 100. However, it is a matter of dispute what intelligence is exactly. And there are various measurements of the IQ, as can be seen on the website of Mensa Switzerland.

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