Is KSA a capitalist or socialist country

Archives of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) and the Free German Trade Union Federation (FDGB)

Abbreviations from the holdings of the parties and mass organizations of the GDR

Criminal police
Combat group for red sports unit
Culture and Social Fund
Capitalist abroad
Cost type
District Committee of the National Front of the GDR
Calf rearing facility
Expense report sheet
Colorado beetle defense service
Communist working group
Artistic working group
Artistic working group
District acceptance committee
Cooperative plant production department
Communist Workers' Party of Germany
District Labor Protection Inspectorate (FDGB)
Complex labor supply
Cadre and Education
Combined operation
Complex brigade
District library
Crane construction Eberswalde
Jänschwalde crane construction combine
Complex construction management (Reichsbahn)
Kulturbund for the democratic renewal of Germany
District Office
Customer service
District Office for State Security
District Delegates Conference
Collective of socialist work
Chamber of Technology
Korean People's Democratic Republic
Bowling (DTSB)
Cooperative establishment
Children's rest home (FDGB or healthcare)
District Command
Chamber for Foreign Trade of the GDR
District committee
District Forestry Office (until 1958)
District committee for youth consecration
Children's camp
District company for agricultural engineering
Coordination office for standardization
Cultural festivals
Motor vehicle
Working class combat group
Consumer cooperative
Control group
District Court
Battle group battalion
State Security Committee of the USSR
Concert and guest performance management
Combat group hundreds
Combine union leadership
District union leadership
Consumer goods fair
Allotment order
Combat group against inhumanity
Consumer cooperative association
District Health Center
Culture house
Kurheim (social insurance of the FDGB)
Communist International
Child combination
Combine industrial mast
Communist youth of Germany
Communist Youth International
District Youth Object
Children's and youth spartakiad
Children's and youth sports school
Young Socialists Account
Catholic Youth Association
Communist Youth Association of Germany
Management Committee
Small caliber
Conflict Commission
Physical culture
Cost complex
District Treasury
District culture committee (for cultural work in the company)
District consumer cooperative
District Culture House
District Disaster Commission
District Control Commission
Conference of the Church Leadership
Conflict Commission Regulations (from March 12, 1982)
Nuclear power plant
Church leadership
Combine management
District management
District literature official
Combine Lausitzer Glas
District agricultural cooperative
County Agriculture Council
Squad leader
Small and medium-sized businesses
Circle machine representative
Church music director
Karl Marx Order
Karl Marx University (Leipzig)
Small and Medium Business
Karl-Marx-Werk (VEB Maschinenbau "Karl Marx" Babelsberg)
Active district trainees
District Youth Commission
District organization
Commercial coordination
Collective economy (of the USSR)
Communist Information Office
Communist International
Lenin Communist Youth Association
Communist student faction
Communist Party
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
Communist Party of Germany
Communist Party of Germany (opposition)
Communist Party of the Soviet Union
French Communist Party
Communist Party of Finland
Complex plan information
Communist Party of Yugoslavia
District Party Control Commission
District Planning Commission
Communist Party of Poland
constant plan prices
Control pass point
Checkpoint point
Communist Party of Romania
Communist Party of Russia (Bolsheviks)
Communist Party of the Russian Union (Bolsheviks)
Communist Party of Slovakia
District party school
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
Communist Party of Western Ukraine
District council
District branch
District Audit Commission
Microcomputer system
Science and Technology Cooperation Council
District school
District Secretariat
Culture and sport
District Sports Committee
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
Culture and Social Fund
Catholic student community
Combine Security Commission
District sports instructor
District road maintenance authority
District School for Marxism-Leninism
Culture and social plan
District School Board
Communist Party of Slovakia
Culture, sport, tourism
District Attorney
District Attorney's Office
Crime statistics
VEB sand-lime brick plant in Rüdersdorf
Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
District council
Forensic science / forensic science
District Transport Committee
Forensic Institute
Tourism and Hiking Commission
Cultural mass work
Culture and Social Fund
Motor transport
District association
District Board
District People's Committee
District boards
Barracked People's Police
District chairman of the pioneer organization
power plant
Beelitz cable factory
District Economic Advisor
Ceramic works Hermsdorf
Königs Wusterhausen
Hagenwerder power station
Finkenherd power station
Oberspree cable works
Science and Technology Commission
Commission for young scientists and engineers
Municipal business enterprise, 1948 - 1951, then VEB (K)
Municipal housing management
Code number (s)
concentration camp
Lime, cement and concrete works in Rüdersdorf