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Change a theme and set it as the default in Word or Excel

Document themes make it easy to coordinate colors, fonts, and graphic formatting effects in your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and to update them quickly. You can change the entire design or just customize the design fonts, colors, or effects.

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Choosing a standard color theme

  • Click the tab Page layout in Excel or the tab design in Word Colours, and select the color group you want.



    Tip: The first group of colors are the colors in the current design.

Create your own color design

  1. Click the tab Page layout in Excel or the tab design in Word Colours, and then click Adjust colors.

  2. Click the button next to the theme color you want to change (e.g. Accent 1 or link), then select under Design colors a color.

    To create your own color, click Additional colors, and then select on the tab default Choose a color, enter numbers or select a color on the Custom tab.

  3. Look in the area example preview the changes you made.

  4. Repeat this process for all the colors you want to change.

  5. Enter in the field Surname Enter a name for the new theme colors and click to save.

    Tip: To return to the original theme colors, click Reset to defaultbefore you on to save click.

Change the theme fonts

  1. Click the tab Page layout in Excel or the tab design in Word Fonts, and select the font group you want.



    Tip: The fonts above are the fonts in the current design.

  2. To create your own set of fonts, click Customize fonts.

  3. Select in the field Create new theme fonts under the fields Font for headings or Body font the fonts you want.

  4. Enter in the field Surname enter a name and click to save.

Changing design effects

Design effects include shadows, reflections, lines, fills, and much more. While you can't create your own design effects, you can choose the effects that work for your document.

  1. Click the tab Page layout in Excel or the tab design in Word Effects. .

  2. Select the effects that you want to use.

Change or remove a design

  • If you want to change the design, simply choose a different design from the menu Designs out. To return to the default theme, select the theme Office out.

  • If you only want to remove design formatting from part of the document, select the part you want to change and change the formatting for it; B. Font style, font size, color, etc.

Save a custom design for reuse

After making changes to the design, you can save it for reuse. You can also set it as the default for new documents.

  1. Click the tab Page layout in Excel or the tab design in Word Designs and then on Save current design.

  2. Enter in the field Filename Enter a name for the design and click to save.

    Note: The design is saved as a .thmx file in the Document Themes folder on the local drive and is automatically added to the list of custom themes that you can choose when you click Designs is shown.

Set changes as the new default theme

After you have saved the design, you can choose to use it for all new documents.


Apply the custom design to a blank workbook, and then save it as a template named Book.xltx.


  • Click the tab design on Set as standard.

Learn more about designs

A document design is a unique group of colors, fonts, and effects. Themes are used across all Office programs so that all Office documents can have the same, uniform appearance.

You can also change the Office theme. This is the color scheme for the entire Office program, whereas document designs are more specific (they are used in individual Word documents or Excel spreadsheets).

You can also add a pattern to the Office program by changing the Office background.

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