What makes people passionate about things

Passion is a strong word. We associate love and sex, devotion, strong emotions, fire and flame for someone or something. When do we feel something like passion? When we're in love, when we're talking about something we're passionate about, when we're doing something that matters to our hearts. Passion not only relates to a romantic or sexual connection between two people, but also to other things we are passionate about.

For me, passion is what makes life worth living. Without passion, humans are not humans, but rather robots. And that is exactly why it is so important to know your passions and to satisfy them. Ideally, we combine our passion with our job and never have to work again in our lives. I have already written about this topic in this article.

But what if you have no passions at all? When there is nothing that excites you, makes you ecstatic. Can a person be completely dispassionate? No! If you think you have no passions, then you just don't know yourself enough to know what you really want.

Passion can have many faces. Some people have a passion for soccer, others live to dance, play the piano, cook, paint, sing, and write computer software. You can have a passion for fashion, for politics, for crossword puzzles, horses, shoes, languages, coffee and an infinite number of other things.

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation

For me, passion is synonymous with intrinsic motivation. Intrinsically motivated activities are things that you do because you enjoy them. The primary goal here is not money, or any other form of reward, but the pure joy of the action itself. Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. An action is only carried out because there is a prospect of external incentives such as money or the avoidance of penalties.

So if you read a book, for example, because you need the content to pass an exam, then this action is extrinsically motivated. However, if you read the same book because you are interested in it and there is no examination after it, then this is an intrinsically motivated act. Of course, one does not exclude the other and therefore there can also be combinations of both variants. For example, you could read the book because you need it for the exam, but you would do it without it.

Passion is power. A force that drives us. A force that gives us energy. It is the basis of all human creations. People do the craziest things when she grabs them. Things that seem impossible. But nothing is impossible when you have a goal in mind, the dedication and desire to make that dream a reality.

Living passionately is living fulfilled. In my opinion, a person cannot be really happy if he does not know his passions and therefore denies them. We need the intoxication, the drive, the fire, the excitement that passion brings.

Therefore, we should do things more often that we love and enjoy that feeling. Life is too short to always be reasonable!