How do sex offenders find a job

What it's like to work with sex offenders as a rape victim

Georgious worries are not unfounded. While Suzy, Kate, and Bianca are very professional at their jobs, none of the women we spoke to had any specific training in dealing with sex offenders. By far the most comprehensive training was given by Suzy, who had to complete a one-week course on dealing with violent criminals. Bianca has meanwhile gained insights into the subject of mental health through her training and her work as a social worker that prison guards have not yet received.

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Their professional relationships with offenders vary widely, but what all women have in common is their desire to bring about positive, long-term and profound change in the men who are incorrigible in the eyes of our society.

"I do this job because I am convinced that everyone deserves a second chance," says Bianca. "I've seen real remorse and seen perpetrators being completely rehabilitated again." Her job has given her back the self-determination that was taken from her in the past: "Now I'm in control, but I use it for good."

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