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Angel blades

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Angel blade / angel sword


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Every angel has a blade


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Angel blades (also Angel swords called) are dagger-like weapons carried by angels, which are able to kill all kinds of angels (except for archangels; see archangel sword), as well as hellhounds, grim reapers and probably many other supernatural beings.


Angel swords are weapons worn by angels and besides the holy oil the only weapon that can kill an angel. Despite Uriel's statement that only one angel can kill another angel, other beings have also done so. So destroyed z. B. Dean with an angel sword the angel Zachariah. Meg, a demon, also used the angel sword to kill two of Crowley's hellhounds and in a later episode she herself destroyed the angel Hester to protect Castiel from her.

Subsequently The betrayal, was shown for the first time that the angel sword can kill a demon when Sam confronted two demons with it. In The life's work Castiel was able to kill a Nephilim with it.

Even grim reapers can be destroyed with the angel sword, like Crowley the grim reaper Ajay in Taxi driver killed with one. Crowley also demonstrated a different type of use by melting down an angel's sword and forging cartridges for his pistol from it. The projectiles have the same effect, but like with the angel sword, they have to wound a vital part of the angel. These fired projectiles are also reusable, as Cass z. B. a projectile that Crowley previously shot him in the stomach removed and Ion pushed it into the eye.

Another ability of the angel sword is that you can use it to remove grace from an angel, as Metatron did with Castiel in the episode Victim did.

Grigori sword

The sword of the Grigori is a longer, sword-like version of the angel sword and probably has the same abilities as the normal sword. However, this weapon is only carried by the Grigori, where each sword has the name of the person wearing Grigori engraved on the handle.

Archangel sword

In addition to the angel sword, there is also the so-called archangel sword. This is identical to the normal angel sword, only it can even kill archangels.

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  • When demons are killed with this weapon, they flash as if they were stabbed with the demon knife.
  • Subsequently I am not an angel it was found that after an angel was stabbed and killed with it, the inside of the shell was completely vaporized. This is arguably because of the explosion of grace that is destroyed in killing.