How do I promote my content online

The right online application

If you are also given the option of applying online, you should generally prefer this route. You save money and time and your application immediately goes to the right contact person. If the online application is to be successful, it should be prepared with the same attention and love as a paper application - only different.

First of all, we want to prevent a widespread misunderstanding! Email applications are not online applications. We understand an online application to be applications that are recorded using an online application form and within which the applicant is given the opportunity to store their data in a structured manner.

We encourage you to take your time. Study the company's online application form without filling out as much as possible. First of all, check which documents and information are expected from you. You will regularly be given the opportunity to upload your cover letter and a résumé. Lean back and create a suitable cover letter and résumé with the necessary leisure. Perhaps there is also the option to upload a photo or certificates. Then you should also have these documents ready in electronic form before you finally complete the online application.

Contact details in the online application

Every online application form includes the option to enter the contact details. If you make a mistake here, you may not receive the invitation sent to your email address or left on your mailbox. You should therefore double-check each entry.
It goes without saying that you should use a reputable e-mail address that can be easily assigned to you (ideally first name.surname @… .de)

In addition, make sure that you always provide exactly the same contact details on your cover letter, on your résumé and on this form. Different contact details lead to confusion.

The cover letter

Most online application forms offer a free text field for entering a message, below which the cover letter is expected. Alternatively, most online forms allow you to upload the cover letter. If at all possible, upload your prepared and well-designed cover letter and avoid entering a message as far as possible. If this is not possible, make sure you adhere to the character limit and, despite the limited possibilities, try to give your text a clean structure by using line breaks. You are missing the spell checker here! Therefore, it is better to copy the text entered in this way into a program with a spell checker (Word) and make sure that your text is correct.

More information

You can often use the form to provide additional information about your professional experience, your education and your qualifications. Some companies use this information to automatically match your application with other open positions. Other companies use this information to automatically evaluate your profile with regard to suitability for the advertised position. It is up to you to assess whether the advantages or disadvantages can outweigh you personally, although from our point of view only a few companies use such mature technologies at this point. We therefore recommend that you always use this option. The more precisely you emphasize your key competencies in relation to the advertised position, the better.

Attachments for online application

In most cases, you can also use the form to upload attachments to your online application. These should be saved in PDF format with meaningful file names such as last name-curriculum vitae.pdf. A maximum size, around 1 MB, is also often specified.

Reduce the number of attachments to exactly three documents, namely the cover letter, the curriculum vitae and the compilation of certificates, just as you would attach them to a paper application.

We recommend that you keep your systems small in terms of storage requirements, also in view of the possible need for forwarding to mobile devices.

Your documents should also provide a first-class picture when printed out on a black and white printer. Some superiors will have all applications printed out and will blame you for any deficiencies. He may never see the beautiful, colorful PDF document.

We recommend uploading the cover letter, curriculum vitae as well as the last two job references and the certificate of the highest educational qualification and, for young professionals, the highest school qualification as an attachment to the online application.

Print out your complete online application and carefully file it with a printout of the job advertisement. You will need these documents to prepare for the interview. With Application2Go, you can easily create your cover letter and résumé as a DOCX or PDF file, which you can edit and print out at any time.