How many Newtons are 72 Dynes

Note: The mass (102 grams) is location-independent and the weight (1 Newton) is location-bound!
But this only makes sense with the weight force, not with other forces!
Many older units have practically disappeared; that is still alive a little Kilopond (kp) as the unit based on the Pond. 1 kp = 1000 p = 9.80665 N is equal to the weight that acts on a mass of 1 kg at normal acceleration due to gravity 980665 m / s2 works.
In English, the kilopond corresponded to the "kilogram-force", abbreviated kgf. There is also the "poundal"that's the power of the one 1 lb Object with 1 ft / sec2 accelerated. But since units of force hardly occur in daily life, and English scientists and engineers do not live themselves either always make it unnecessarily difficult, they are hardly needed.
Normal fall acceleration G = 9.80665 m / s² (on earth)
Weight G = m · G
1. Weight is strength F. on a body in a gravitational field; see weight
The Newton is the basic unit of force in the International System of Units (SI).
2. Weight is the mass m a physical body; see mass (physics)
The kilogram is the basic unit of mass m in the International System of Units (SI).
The unit of force a pond p is force F. due to the acceleration of gravity on the earth's surface on a mass m exercised by one gram. Newton is the SI unit of force F..
English: kilogram-force kgf or kgF, or kilopond kp, from Latin pondus = weight.
1 p = G· 1 g = 9.80665 g·m / s² = 980.665 dyn = 9.80665 mN = 0.00980665 N.
1 kp = G· 1 kg = 9.80665 kg m / s2 = 9.80665 N. 1 N = 1 kg · m / s2
1 kp = force kilogram kg, kgp, kgf, kgf. English: one kilogram-force kgf is 9.80665 N.
A mass m of 1 kg experiences an average weight of 1 kp on earth at sea level.
Colloquially, the mass of a body is often incorrectly referred to as "weight" and kilograms are practically equated with kilopond.
However, since the acceleration due to gravity differs slightly from place to place, 1 kg does not correspond exactly to 1 kp.
However, this is of no importance in everyday life.