How do you eat healthy in restaurants?

Eating out - My tips

It's okay to eat out and in restaurants every now and then. A healthy diet is important, but relaxation and a social life are just as important. Home-cooked food is certainly always the best option when it comes to paying attention to nutrients and ingredients, but no one should just eat at home as a result.

You can also eat out healthy without having to throw the whole nutrition plan overboard.

That's how it's done…

7 simple ideas on how eating out healthily can work

1. Omit the salad dressing.

Ready-made salad dressings are definitely not clean or healthy. Most of them (even if they are homemade) are made from canola oil, which does not fit into a healthy diet.

Instead, I basically ask about olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper. We use it every day at home for our salad and it is the healthiest option. You can portion it yourself and the salad tastes wonderfully fresh.

2. Just say no to bread.

Wheat stimulates and stimulates the appetite.

Why do you think most restaurants serve fresh bread in advance? The motivation is not to do something good for you - the wheat product should stimulate hunger and then you order more food - and then a dessert later ...

So: skip bread beforehand. I know when it's in front of you and you're hungry, it's not that easy, but let's be honest: it won't stop at one bite and then suddenly the whole basket is empty. At least that's how it is with me.

You could also leave out the bun with the burger. Instead, it is usually served in two salad leaves. Also very tasty.

3. Enjoy bites and share desserts.

I love reading the dessert menu. And I love desserts. My favorite way to do it is: I share. And also gladly with more than two people. Just put the piece of cake in the middle and if everyone gets a spoon or two full, that's great. That's really enough for me. Just as a taste, so to finish. Try it out.

4. Mustard is the best friend.

An insider tip: Almost everything tastes good with mustard. For burgers, mustard instead of ketchup, mustard as a dip for vegetables or mustard in salads. Everything is possible and mustard has hardly any calories.

5. Dare to ask for adjustments.

Some restaurants don't like it, but most of them like to do it: For example, if the burger comes with fries asks for a small salad instead of fries.

6. Always choose healthy from the start.

I often look at the menu online. Then I can calmly see what is healthy or what I could put together without being stressed on site.

If there is no way to look in advance, use this list:

  • Is there fish on the menu?
  • If not, is there any other healthy protein option? Chicken breast? Beef? Tofu?
  • Or is there a completely vegetarian vegetable dish on the menu?
  • Which side dishes can you choose? You could possibly swap these with those from your favorite dish.
  • Does my dish come with a sauce? If so, ask for mustard or vinegar and oil.

Bonus: cocktails planned?

Most cocktails are full of sugar. Alcohol contains sugar. Juices and syrups contain sugar.

My formula:

Alcohol of your choice + soda water + lemon or lime

So you can save almost 25 g of sugar per cocktail - unbelievable, right?

Conclusion: Eating out healthily is feasible. Just plan something, rethink and still enjoy. Anyone who, like me, uses eating out as a treat and just wants to enjoy it, should do so. No matter what you want to order - treat yourself to it. I do this once or twice a month. For example, those who go out to eat more often for work should make sure they stay healthy. Almost all restaurants now also offer “healthy” options, vegetarian dishes and great salads. If we go out to eat several times or more often, I also pay attention to what I order.