What are the disadvantages of online portals

Advantages and disadvantages of online recruiting

However, it depends on the choice of the right portal. But be careful: If your job advertisement is automatically extended, high costs can quickly arise on the large job portals, warns Anouk Wollschl├Ąger.

Another great benefit of online recruiting is its reach. After all, around 72% of the German population is online. There are significantly more among the 20 to 50 year olds.

The search can be carried out conveniently throughout Germany and you can reach students who are about to graduate as well as professionals and tax clerks who are willing to change. What is interesting for applicants is that they can search for a job according to individual search criteria and subscribe to job offers via email.

It is therefore important that you put a lot of effort into defining the search criteria so that your ad is actually found by the relevant target group.

In addition, when formulating the job advertisement, you should make sure that the right target group is addressed. Otherwise, too many unsuitable applicants may feel that they are being addressed, which only costs both sides unnecessary time. However, this requirement applies to both print and online job advertisements.

By the way, you won't get a time advantage either: Even if you get an answer to your job search after 1 to 5 days, the search for highly qualified personnel online can take several months.

Online recruiting also has its drawbacks

A disadvantage of online recruiting, which Anouk Wollschl├Ąger knows from experience, is that job offers lose a certain amount of importance due to the sheer volume. Because the specialist staff receives many current offers every day. And the bigger the job board, the more short-lived the ad. It can happen that an advert that has been placed ends up in the back of the list after a few hours, as other job offers move up in quick succession. You can counteract this by making minor changes to the content, if these are allowed, so that the display slides back up.

Community sites such as Xing or Linked-In are also a good starting point. Alexander Jost knows that many community forums have already integrated job pages on Xing. As the owner of the law firm, you or, by arrangement, your employees are welcome to drop in the specialist forums that you want to fill a position. Job seekers then have the opportunity to contact you directly via Xing or Linked-In.

What is not possible, however, is to specifically write to tax consultants or auditors whose profile you have discovered and to lure them with a job offer. The only exception is if you explicitly read on the candidate's profile that he is looking for a new challenge.

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